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Since Evony first launched there has been talk among players and countless requests to Evony for the ability to queue building projects. Well that ability is finally here!

Bernini’s Hammer is the first new item to be added to the game since the launch of Age 2. For the Cost 5 game cents per building you can now queue one building per title promotion. So a Civilian can queue 1 building a Night can queue 2 etc.

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Dawnseeker is not really clear in his post on the Evony forum as to whether this allows you to queue multiple upgrades per building or one upgrade for multiple buildings. Either way this proves to offer a great advantage to anyone willing to spend the money.

Quote from Dawnseeker on bbs.evony.com

“Bernini’s Hammer lets you queue up multiple construction projects to build one after another. This means you can set your Town Hall to begin upgrading right when your Walls finish or set all your Barracks to upgrade to the next level one after another! The possibilities with this item are endless and it’s only 5 Cents per building!”

For people who don’t spend money on the game it means that its time for more amulets via Facebook and more luck at the Wheel!

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This is a great team attack strategy. If you have a larger player that you just can’t take out this is a good way to beat them down before an all out assault on their city.

==> Want to save thousands of troops in each attack? <==

First off one of your alliance members has to get colonized. So pick your target, port close by if you aren’t already or even build a new city close to your target. Then start taunting them. You can steal valleys, send nuisance attacks, scout constantly, whatever it takes. Remember this also works great if you or an alliance member has already been colonized.

Now what your team is going to do is attack the colonized player, yes your team mate. To do this the attacker will have to be temporarily booted from your alliance. Don’t boot the colonized player as this might tip off the suzerain as to what you are planning.

Now before you can attack your team member he/she will have to do a few things. The first thing is to destroy all of their wall defenses. Then they must demo their Academy and Beacon Tower. In a perfect world this player will also have low level walls (good argument for building a new city), this is not a must but it helps.

Now what this has done is remove any advantages that the “techs” give you (your team/the colonized player) and your suzerain vicariously. So the colonized player now needs to open their gates and move all but a handful of troops and I do mean 1-5. You have to have at least 1 troop otherwise when you do the attack you will simply get a “There were no defending troops in the city” report, no battle. Finally boot the team member who is going to do the attacking.

When you attack yourself and your suzerain’s army defends its colony (you) the suzerain will have no techs (Academy) and no intelligence (Beacon Tower). They may have a massive army in their city and suppression set to 100% but all of their troops will be fighting as though no upgrades had ever been done.

This will make his massive army no match for your/your team mates single wave of 100k-125k troops with a high attack hero and full techs. You can take out almost any number of troops, even well over 1 million, in a single wave. On top of that in my experience you should take very few losses.

Scout the suzerain before the attack if you can. This should be done by a third alliance member or the colonized player. You should always check your results ahead of time if you want to be sure of the outcome. Here is a good battle calculator.

The only thing that you can’t really be sure of ahead of time is what your suzerain’s suppression setting is at. If it is set to 0% then none of their troops will come to your aid and the attacker (your alliance member) will become your new suzerain without a fight. As soon as this member is let back into the alliance you will be free. If it is set at 100% you will have a huge victory and a battle report you can really brag about!

If you get an impressive battle report and would like to brag, leave it as a comment below! I look forward to hearing your results. Happy hunting!

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Its been a busy past couple weeks for Evony! To start with they just made one of the biggest changes I have seen in recent history. When attacking NPC cities there is now the possibility of gear upgrade materials to drop as rewards. Here is the official post on the evony forum:

Evony bbs – “Players will now sometimes see Iron Ore, Wood, Crude Gemstones, Thoroughbreds, and Fabric as rewards for defeating barbarian cities.

materials1 Evony Age 2 Item Drop Rate Change + Evony Crash!

To me this is huge! Until now if you want to upgrade your hero gear past the first few levels you had to sped money.  Now that these items can be obtained its possible to do all of your upgrades without spending a dime. This may take some time but for those of you who don’t want to spend money on the game there is now a way.

I have been doing some testing and it appears that these drop rates are still extremely low. Also there is some concern that these rewards may fall in place of medals thus decreasing the number of medals that drop. I have not been able to confirm this one way or the other.

Please comment below and let me know what your experience has been with this new change.

The next big thing that many of you may have noticed is that Evony was down yesterday! I got several emails asking for my help, lol. Sorry I am not Evony.

Evony posted on facebook last night saying that the issue has been resolved. I don’t know what happened but I do know that it had a lot of people concerned.

So here’s keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly from here on out.

One other fun bit of info. It looks like Atlantis has finally been conquered in the full release of Age 2. Congrats to Hughesy, looks like there may be some trouble to come for him soon though.

Here’s the post: http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=148402

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After many months of research and testing our Evony Age 2 Guide updates are done!

The Guide is now over 80 pages long and is jam packed with great tips, tricks, strategies and info for both Age 2 and Age 1.

Whats new?

  • All New Chapter on Age 2
  • Complete Medal Farming Strategy for Fast Advancement
  • New Charts and Cheat Sheets
  • New Easier to Use Layout
  • Over 30 Pages of New Content!

These are just a few of the great new additions to our Evony Advanced Strategies Guide.  We are really excited about these new updates and hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting this together! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Download your copy of our guide “Advanced Strategies for Dominating in Evony v2.0″ HERE

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This is one of my favorite times during advancement in Evony. The search for Honor Medals can yield far more than just medals.

Check out our Advanced Strategies Guide for your complete medal hunting strategy, rank up fast!

I have found that the best place to find Honor Medals is Level 4 NPC’s. Not only do they drop Honor Medals when attacked but, Lion and Courage Medals as well. So as soon as you reach Barronet you should make attacking level 4 NPC’s part of your daily routine.

honormedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCslionmedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCscouragemedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

Level 4 NPC’s contain a lot of resources which will help you build quickly while you are waiting to advance your rank and title.  Specifically they contain 1.6 million food, 120k of each resource, and 300k gold. There is even an advanced strategy for attacking these cities without taking a single loss.

4npcreport Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

Another thing you will get while attacking Level 4’s are a ton of Gems both Flawless and Delicate. You will be able to upgrade your hero gear in Age 2 quickly with an abundance of gems.

flawlessgem Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCsdelicategem Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

I suggest upgrading your Rally Spot as much and quickly as you can. This will allow you to send out more attacks and increase your chances of finding an Honor (or other) Medal.

Make a list of every level 4 NPC within 20 miles of you, click on one then click attack. Once you have filled in the numbers for the troops you want to have attack simply go down your list and change the cords for each additional attack. This should save you a ton of time clicking and attacking each individual city.

It takes 8 hours for the resources in an NPC city to regenerate but it only takes 1 hour for troops and defenses to fully recover. To get the full benefit out of each attack space them in 8 hour intervals.

Using this strategy you will find that you are able to jump your title from Baronet all the way to Earl in no time. You will also have more food than you know what to do with. A nice bonus.

Good Luck!

Complete Medal and Advancement Strategy!

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Click here for detailed strategies guaranteed to get you un-colonized fast!

Ok, I have not been able to test this since I have not been colonized lately 😉 I have heard that it works so let me know what you find.

Once you are “colonized” there will be an eight hour suppression period. During this time you can have your allies’ mass troops and you can build up your own army. Once this time is up there will be a fight between the attacker’s troops and your own. If you win you are free and if you lose you become a colony under the attacker, your suzerain.

So obviously you want to win the fight, right? Well if you get your allies to reinforce you, you may take losses but win in the end. I’d rather not take any losses. So here’s the trick: go to your Embassy and you will see where troops are garrisoned in your city. You will see your attacker’s troops. You simply have to dismiss them.

The catch is that if you do this right away and your suppressor notices they will simply reinforce and hope you don’t notice. The key is timing. You have to wait until the last minute so that your suppressor doesn’t have time to reinforce. When suppression ends and the stabilization battle takes place your enemy will have no troops in your city and you will win as a result.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Learn many more ways to get un-colonized in our Evony Age 2 Guide

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Evony is launching a new Age 2 server on June 25th.  This is the third one in less than 30 days.

A new server is always a fun place to start out. No one has had time to amass a huge army. So the playing field is pretty level. Take advantage of this new launch if you are just getting started.

If you are a seasoned player this is a great opportunity for you too. You will be able to run a streamlined build and hit the ground running. When you come out of beginners protection you will already be ready and there will be no one to stand in your way.

Many of you already know much of this, if that’s the case for you take this as a heads up. Hey, there is a new Age 2 server coming online! Enjoy.

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Are you building a new Evony city? The basics of building Evony cities  are very simple, but some cities can have a more targeted purpose and take longer to get the hang of and build.  Let’s look at a few Evony city types that many players commonly use.

  • Raiding City (varied uses)
  • Tax City/Gold City (for all your gold, new servers and newbies only)
  • Resource City (Focus on one specific resource, keep all the same valley’s, massive single resource production, mostly old servers)
  • Military City (Troop mass production, also holds your army)
  • Main City/Political City/Headquarters (First city, with a nice amount of troops and full walls defending it in the first 3-5 months hopefully)

Evony Raiding City

Raiding Cities are NPC’s you have conquered. They serve as rally points for your troops and are used for three reasons.

  1. A good secretive way to mass troops close to opponents
  2. Faster transport to and from alliance members.
  3. Protection for your main city

First things first, conquer an NPC city.

raidingcity Building a New Evony City


  • Just leave it the way it is, maybe increase the rally spot if you’ve got a low level NPC/Flat. Maybe a few fancy touch-ups depending on your planned usage.


  • 37 Farms—-Upgrade As much as possible so you can mass troops and not worry about feeding them!
  • 1 Sawmill, Ironmine, Quarry-Lol? Yeah just keep them……..

Now that you have a safe place to mass your troops that is close to your opponent you can attack and raid quickly and with ease. You shouldn’t really have to worry about defenses since you will have a large army here. Also when you are done attacking the nearby opponent you may want to abandon this city anyway.

This strategy is great for protecting the location of your main city. If your opponent has a high enough level Beacon Tower they will be able to see the exact location from which your attack originated. If they or their alliance come after you, you can run and loose only a city that you would have probably abandoned anyway.

Evony Tax/Gold City

This city is simply used to make gold and is much the same a resource city since much of your gold will come from selling resources. Use a high politics hero as mayor, this will increase resource production. Check your marketplace to see which resources are selling for the most on your server, usually lumber or iron. When you are producing these in abundance they can be sold and you should have no shortage of gold. The more gold the better!


  • Town Hall Level 9
  • 1 Inn level 9
  • 1 Feasting Hall level 9
  • 29 Cottage level 9
  • Marketplace level 1


  • 37 level 9 sawmills/ironmine depending on which resource sells for more.

Don’t worry about producing much if any food as you will have plenty of gold to buy it. Food is usually the cheapest resource.

Evony Resource City

This city provides massive production (over 600,000) of a certain resource per hour and is very similar to your Gold City.

Whatever you decide to produce, it’s a good idea to make sure you have 10 Level 10 Forests/Hills/deserts for increased production (230%). This is the primary advantage of focusing on one resource.

If you have three resource cities each focusing on all the resources then the nearby hills, deserts and forests you capture wont compound and increase the production of any one resource as much.

Your ability to store more of the given resource will make for easy access. You wont have to transport from three different cities to collect any one resource.

In the later stages of the game lumber and iron are most preferable, as you need them to build troops and defensive units.


  • 1 Inn level 9 (demolish after you have a high politics hero)
  • 1 Feasting Hall level 1
  • 1 Town Hall level 10
  • 30 Cottages level 9


  • 40 of the resource you are producing (ironmine or sawmill mostly) level 9

Evony Military City

In a military city we want to do one main thing: produce a lot of troops fast. I also like to have my military cities hold a portion of my army, as there is no point in having an extra city produce tons of food for my troops unless it’s a raiding city where troops will be anyway. If you are planning to build a certain unit more than another plan your resource fields produce the necessary resource.


  • 1 Inn level 9 (demolish after 8 good attack heroes and 1 good political hero)
  • 1 Feasting Hall level 9 (8 atk, 1 pol)
  • 20 Barracks levels 4, 5, 9 (archers, cavalry, ballistae)
  • 10 Cottages level 9
  • Town Hall level 10


  • 40 farms level 9

Or distribute to account for the unit you are producing, this may save some time transporting in your resources. Lets face it, you will be producing a huge quantity of troops and bringing in resources will be necessary.

Evony Political City – Your First and Main City

This city is your headquarters, so it’s pretty much a balanced city that does a little bit of everything. You should have excellent walls and defenses plus troops as you will DIE without them once someone finds out this is your main city. So get working, this is accomplished in the first 1-2 months!


  • 1 Town Hall level 10
  • 1 of every one per city building (beacon tower, feasting hall, inn, marketplace, academy, relief station, forge, workshop, embassy all level 9
  • 7 Cottages level 9
  • 16 Barracks level 4,5,9


  • 20 Sawmills level 9
  • 10 Farms level 9
  • 10 Ironmines level 9

You can replace some of the farms with whichever resource you need most.  Food is cheap and easy to raid from nearby NPC’s.

It’s preferable to have 5-6 military cities, 1 lumber and one iron producing city, one city to act as your headquarters, and the rest saved for raiding cities. When you separate your cities purposes like this it is important to remember that you will need a lot of transports to move resources around.

Any other thoughts, city types, or suggestions? Leave a comment.

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In Evony building strategy is very important. Here’s a guide to which buildings you may want and what they do for you.

Cottage– Cottages offer shelter to citizens, attracting more people to reside. This will allow your population to grow and tax revenue to increase.

Farm, Quarry, Iron Mine and Sawmill – These buildings are pretty self explanatory. They are your resource generators. The higher their level the more they produce and store.

One advanced strategy is to keep your Farms to a minimum. You can get all the food you need raiding barbarian cities or by buying it. It is typically much cheaper to buy food than any other resources.

farms Evony Building Guide

Barracks – Soldier training and dismissal are conducted in Barracks; the higher its level the more advanced army branches can be trained.

Feasting Hall – The Feasting Hall is the residence of heroes. You can check the status of heroes, upgrade stats, give rewards, and dismiss them. There must be vacancies in the hall if you want to hire a hero. A higher level Feasting Hall will give you more heroes to choose from. There must also be a vacancy if you capture a hero during combat.  A captured Hero can either be Persuaded to join you (same cost as hiring in the Inn) or Released.

Inn – The Inn is used to recruit Heroes. Increasing the level of Inn allows for more Heroes of higher level to be present at any point in time. The quality of available Heroes varies.

There is a trade-off between initial level and Stats for Politics, Attack and Intelligence. Higher level Heroes hit diminishing returns for improvements – each Stat increase requires more experience. This makes a low level Hero that can be developed a much more attractive recruiting prospect than a higher level one with better Stats. Financially, low level Heroes are cheap to hire and keep.

Marketplace – The marketplace allows you to buy or sell resources. Higher levels allow for more trades at once.

Rally Spot – The Rally Spot is a place for military assembly, where you can give an order to attack or conduct a military exercise, check your army’s status and intelligence, adjust your attacking and defending strategy.

The level of the Rally Spot determines both how many marches you can send out at any given time and the maximum size these marches can be. Per level, you can send one additional march and the march sizes increase by 10k troops, all the way up to level 10 which can send up to 10 marches, each consisting of 100k troops.

Also note that using a War Ensign item can increase the size of a specific march by 25%. The ‘Open Gate to Fight’ option determines whether your army adds its strength to the city defenses, or stays safely in barracks to leave the wall defenses to take on an attack unaided.

Leaving your gates closed is useful when you think your army will die from an oncoming invasion and want to protect them. Note that while having your gates closed will protect your troops it will also keep them from fighting and defending your city. If you think that your defenses are sufficient then protecting your army is a good idea. Sometimes however sending your men out can mean the difference between winning and loosing.

Another feature of opening gates is that your scouts will combat enemy scouts when they come to scout your town and potentially kill them before giving the enemy any information; having your gates closed prevents this and lets enemies scout you freely.

March: Instead of going to your selected target on the map and choosing to send a march, you can send it directly from your Rally Spot if you know the co-ordinates of your destination.

Exercise: Exercise is a troop vs. troop battle simulator that will give a rough idea of what might happen in a battle between specific army combinations. This is handy if you’re unsure what formation to put your army in, or wondering how to reduce your losses, but it has some flaws.

It doesn’t include technology levels, traps and wall durability or Hero attack statistics, all of which can seriously swing the outcome of a battle. Because of this, it’s advised to not use the Exercise unless you know the enemies information and can accurately put it together in accordance with your own to come to a better conclusion about what might happen, but is still gives inaccurate numbers at best.

Medic Camp: In the rally spot you will find a button that says medic camp. This holds all of the troops that have been wounded in your recent battles. For a gold fee you can ‘heal’ these troops and they will rejoin your army. If you don’t heal them they will eventually die.

Relief Station – The Relief Station increases the speed of Army movement between your cities and your allies’ cities.

It is very useful if your cities are far apart and you need to transfer troops. This is also good for reducing time to transport or reinforce your alliance members.

Stable – A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals.

A military stable would also have a training grounds, barracks for the troopers, blacksmiths, armories, and the like. A horse must be highly trained to be successfully used in battle. Any civilization that wants to employ a large number of horsemen are highly encouraged to invest and build as many stables as possible.

Horses are raised in the stable, and horsemen develop along with the stable’s level. The Stable allows Horseback Riding to be researched and is also required to build Relief Stations. The in-game description of Stables claims “the higher its level the faster troops are trained.” Perhaps it means that faster horses can be trained with higher level of the stable. It does not increase speed of training however. Building levels do not affect speed of research/training/construction in the game.

Town Hall – The Town Hall is the administrative center the city. Here, players modify Production, Tax Rate, Comfort, and Levy parameters. Each upgrade of a city’s Town Hall increases the number of valleys a player can conquer. Upgrading a Town Hall also increases a city’s resource fields by three. Every city begins with a Level One Town Hall.

According to the quest guide, the Town Hall is the administration centre of a city. While you upgrade it, the efficiency of constructions is enhanced at the same time. Furthermore, the limit of gold reserve will also be increased. Don’t forget when starting out upgrading your Town Hall to level 5 will remove beginners protection.

Also note that the Town hall level affects the view of your city on the map. Levels 1-3 is a “village”, level 4-6 is a “town”, level 7-9 is a “fort”, and level 10 is a “city”.

Walls – Strong and firm city walls built around the city provide significant protection against attacks and invasions. All kinds of fortified units can be built here. The higher your wall level the more spaces are provided for defensive units.

Warehouse – Build one Warehouse for the quest, but don’t rely on it to protect your resources from raid on it’s own, however it’s good to have one Warehouse and set it to save only food so you have some stored for the Comforting “Disaster Relief” if you fall victim to attacks.

As for protecting resources, there are some ways to keep most, if not all of them safe from plunders.

This strategy no longer works: Hide your gold and resources from plunder by putting them up for sale for a lot of money in the marketplace.

Resources in the queue for sale that have not sold yet are taken in an attack (attempt to do this in a massive attack, and all resources up for sale will be gone from the list).

Resources that are bought and not yet arrived before the strike are not touched. One strategy is to sell everything and buy it back (so the gold can’t be taken) less than 30 minutes before the strike hits. They can’t touch it.

Another strategy is to have transporters load up with everything they can, and then march them to a valley, or set them up to march for a long time (maybe an ally far away) while the strike happens, then recall the transporters before they arrive. In theory, you could just set the camp time for the marching orders for several hours and they would be safe, and when you recalled they would come right back.

The main issue about Warehouses is that they simply don’t store enough for them to be worth taking up the construction slot in your town, even with Stockpile 10 researched.

However, several high level Warehouses and Stockpile 9 or 10 can save a significant amount of resources. Ideally you would set aside an unimportant supply city and use that as your Warehouse city, so as to not interrupt the soldier training in other, larger cities. In this case you would keep a supply of resources sitting aside in this town to protect them in case you fall under attack unawares and don’t have time to protect them in other cities, or transport them to safety.

Workshop – The workshop is necessary for offense and defense mechanics. It is required for Metal Casting. It is also a requirement for building higher levels of your Walls.

Academy – The Academy is very important. All of your research is done here. You will see that much of the research requires other structures to be built. All advanced troops require research to be done before they can be trained.

We have actually done several posts dedicated to the Academy:



I hope this gives you a good idea of what you are dealing with when you start and continue your building process.

– Kris

Thanks to LakersFan1 on server NA10 for much of the information in this post!

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Are you an Evony expert? Can you write? Those are the two questions we are asking our readers.  If you have tips, tricks, strategies, or just useful information about Evony or Evony Age 2 we would love to hear from you! If approved your article will be posted on our blog and you will get the credit. Are you up to the challenge?

Visit our Evony Experts Only page to see the requirements.

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