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ben120x100 About UsThe Evony Game Guide was conceived by Ben Fitts in June 2009.

Ben is a strategy gamer who discovered Evony while playing Travian a strategy game that can take a year to play.  Ben enjoyed Evony because the pace of the game was much faster than Travian.

Ben is a maven and enjoys teaching others.  He quickly became a key member of his alliance training other new players on the game.  He made friendships with other top players and rapidly moved up the ranks on his server.   Even as a part-time player Ben ranks higher than many full-time players and for several weeks was ranked in the top 20 on his server.

The purpose of the guide is to put all the information on Evony in a central location.  The advanced guide provides a PDF format that can be printed out on your computer. There are charts for things like Barbarian towns that can be printed and kept handy beside your computer while you play Evony.  There are also advanced strategies that are not found elsewhere on the internet.

Ben discovered some of the controversy behind Evony after he had been playing for a few weeks and had already learned to love the game.  It doesn’t matter if they use “boobie”  pictures to advertise the game or if the game might have a controversial owner.  The game is A LOT of fun to play!

For more information on Ben Fitts and his other business ventures visit his personal web site or his home business blog.

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