At later stages in Evony you probably want to have a very low tax rate. You want to have as high a loyalty as possible in case you get attacked. Every time you are attacked your loyalty will go down. Being attacked reduces your loyalty and can cause riots in your city if your loyalty drops too low. You also want a high loyalty because you want to have a lot of idle population. A large idle population allows you to create a lot of troops quickly as the amount of troops you can create is based on your idle population. Remember gold becomes very easy to get later in the game so you don’t need to have as high of a tax rate.  In fact I sometimes run cities with 0 tax rate at later stages of the game.

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Best Tax Rate for later stages of the game, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. madduxxx says:

    I don’t think you should ever have any idle population. That just means a cottage is wasting space that a rax could be built in. Build just enough cottages so that a lvl 9 they completely man your 40 production spaces at lvl 9. When you need to build troops, drop the production & tax rate down to zero at the Town Hall, then go to the raxs to build the units needed. (You will probably lose all your pop.) Go back to the Town Hall and return the production to 100, but leave the tax rate at zero. Use comforting-population raising every 15 minutes and most of the time I have my full population back before the raxs are finished with the units I am building. As far as the loss of production for that time, I heavily farm NPCs so it is of little loss.

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