Evony Community,

You have been asking for it, we’re bringing you it!

Evony is pleased to announce the 2009 Autumn Campaign, “Call of the Warlord”. This huge event is going to be bringing together all of the best on World Servers 12-17. Due to this, we are bringing all six world servers offline at 00:00(CDT) September 17th 2009 so that we can begin preparing for this epic chapter in the saga of the Evonian lands. After 12 hours, at 12:00(CDT), a new server named WN3 will be online for the campaign to begin!

Don’t worry, you will not lose one penny and instead we’ll be ensuring all players who are involved with this campaign are given specific packages.

And that isn’t even the best part! Check out these extra bonuses!

50 cents FREE to the first 100 players to be activated on the new server!
50 cents FREE to each member of the first 5 alliances to be established with 20+ members on the new server!

That’s a fantastic kickstart bonus for those who want to be at the competitive edge! We’ll be placing the bonus cents to those who are quick within 3 business days of WN3 opening. Don’t wait or you might miss out!

So if you’re on World Servers 12-17, we need you to immediately go to this page:


You will see a landing site for the 2009 Autumn Campaign where you will need to put your login details. After logging in, a very special 2009 Autumn Campaign information pack and announcement will be there waiting for you, explaining all details, providing examples, etc of how this campaign will work.

Again, we’re going to be bringing World Servers 12-17 offline on the 17th of September at 00:00 (CDT) to begin the huge campaign. Please go to the site above and prepare to see who will be answering, the Call of the Warlord!

Best Regards,

Evony Team

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Call of the Warlord - Announcement of server merges, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

2 Responses to “Call of the Warlord – Announcement of server merges”

  1. bogie says:

    how do i change servers?

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  2. Ben Fitts says:

    You don’t. Evony doesn’t allow you to change servers. You can start over on a new server but you have to start from scratch.

    Evony occasionally does mergers of old servers but you can’t choose which server you are moved too.

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