This is a great team attack strategy. If you have a larger player that you just can’t take out this is a good way to beat them down before an all out assault on their city.

==> Want to save thousands of troops in each attack? <==

First off one of your alliance members has to get colonized. So pick your target, port close by if you aren’t already or even build a new city close to your target. Then start taunting them. You can steal valleys, send nuisance attacks, scout constantly, whatever it takes. Remember this also works great if you or an alliance member has already been colonized.

Now what your team is going to do is attack the colonized player, yes your team mate. To do this the attacker will have to be temporarily booted from your alliance. Don’t boot the colonized player as this might tip off the suzerain as to what you are planning.

Now before you can attack your team member he/she will have to do a few things. The first thing is to destroy all of their wall defenses. Then they must demo their Academy and Beacon Tower. In a perfect world this player will also have low level walls (good argument for building a new city), this is not a must but it helps.

Now what this has done is remove any advantages that the “techs” give you (your team/the colonized player) and your suzerain vicariously. So the colonized player now needs to open their gates and move all but a handful of troops and I do mean 1-5. You have to have at least 1 troop otherwise when you do the attack you will simply get a “There were no defending troops in the city” report, no battle. Finally boot the team member who is going to do the attacking.

When you attack yourself and your suzerain’s army defends its colony (you) the suzerain will have no techs (Academy) and no intelligence (Beacon Tower). They may have a massive army in their city and suppression set to 100% but all of their troops will be fighting as though no upgrades had ever been done.

This will make his massive army no match for your/your team mates single wave of 100k-125k troops with a high attack hero and full techs. You can take out almost any number of troops, even well over 1 million, in a single wave. On top of that in my experience you should take very few losses.

Scout the suzerain before the attack if you can. This should be done by a third alliance member or the colonized player. You should always check your results ahead of time if you want to be sure of the outcome. Here is a good battle calculator.

The only thing that you can’t really be sure of ahead of time is what your suzerain’s suppression setting is at. If it is set to 0% then none of their troops will come to your aid and the attacker (your alliance member) will become your new suzerain without a fight. As soon as this member is let back into the alliance you will be free. If it is set at 100% you will have a huge victory and a battle report you can really brag about!

If you get an impressive battle report and would like to brag, leave it as a comment below! I look forward to hearing your results. Happy hunting!

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Click here for detailed strategies guaranteed to get you un-colonized fast!

Ok, I have not been able to test this since I have not been colonized lately 😉 I have heard that it works so let me know what you find.

Once you are “colonized” there will be an eight hour suppression period. During this time you can have your allies’ mass troops and you can build up your own army. Once this time is up there will be a fight between the attacker’s troops and your own. If you win you are free and if you lose you become a colony under the attacker, your suzerain.

So obviously you want to win the fight, right? Well if you get your allies to reinforce you, you may take losses but win in the end. I’d rather not take any losses. So here’s the trick: go to your Embassy and you will see where troops are garrisoned in your city. You will see your attacker’s troops. You simply have to dismiss them.

The catch is that if you do this right away and your suppressor notices they will simply reinforce and hope you don’t notice. The key is timing. You have to wait until the last minute so that your suppressor doesn’t have time to reinforce. When suppression ends and the stabilization battle takes place your enemy will have no troops in your city and you will win as a result.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Learn many more ways to get un-colonized in our Evony Age 2 Guide

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The scout bomb is an effective way to weaken a high level opponent’s defenses.  Scout bombs can destroy all the traps, and devestate the archers defending a city.

So how do you defend against the scout bomb?

There are a few strategies for defending against the scout bomb.

1. Send your army to a nearby flat to avoid being attacked by the scout bomb.  Unfortunately the scout bomb is usually followed by additional waves of armies so sending your troops away might not be a good idea. You could receive further attacks while your army is gone.  Not to mention the scouts will weaken or destroy your defenses.

2. Close your gates. If you’re gates aren’t open your archers won’t fight. The scout bomb will hit the defenses on your wall. They could still weaken your defenses though so this might not be the best strategy.

3. Have a lot of scouts to defend against the scout bomb.

4. Have a lot of fodder (warriors) to defend against the scout bomb.

5. Have stronger troops like swordsman to defend against the scouts. Since swordsman have a high defense you need less total swordsman than scouts to defend against the scout bomb.

6. Get your allies to send your some troops quickly. Of course scouts are very fast but hopefully your allies can send you some army to help you defend before your opponents regular army arrives.

The big problem with the scout bomb is that scouts are faster to train than swordsmen or archers. If you get attacked by large numbers of scouts and defend yourself you may still face additional scout bombs before you can rebuild your defenses.

Again the fact is that the person who can make resources the fastest is usually the person who can build an army the fastest. It’s very hard to keep up with an opponent than can make more troops than you on a daily basis.

Do you have any more strategies for defending against Scout Bombs?

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Have you heard of the scout bomb yet?

Learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

I’m a big fan of scouts. I think they are one of the most underrated troops in all of Evony.

The main reason why I love the scout is that they are the fastest troop in the game.  The scout is also one of the cheaper units to make in the game.  These two reasons combined make the scouts very powerful.

So what is the scout bomb?

The scout bomb is when you send LARGE quantities of scouts to attack your enemy NOT scout him.  True scout bombs are typically 100,000 to 400,000 scouts.  (of course that would mean 4 waves of scouts)

The idea is that the scout is the fastest troop in the game. This means your attack lands faster and gives your opponent less time to react.  Since the scout is the fastest troop in the game they also have an advantage when attacking archers. The archers get less free attacks on the scouts. The scouts quickly close the distance and get close enough to attack the archers with their swords/knives. Large numbers of scouts can actually devestate archer armies.

For this reason many high level players like to use the scout bomb on their opponents.  They time their attacks so that the scout bomb hits and then shortly after an army of traditional troops (archers, warriors, calvary, etc.) hits.  The scout bomb weakens the archer defenses and uses up the one time defenses like traps. Now the regularly army hits and is able to do much more damage and take less casualties.

That’s the scout bomb!

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If you have a beacon tower you will get a flashing combat message when you are being attacked.  Your combat icon will flash red which warns you that an attack is incoming. Click the combat icon and you’ll get a message describing the incoming attack.  Based on your beacon tower level you will get more or less information about the attack. This only works if you are online.  If you are not online then you won’t see the message. You’ll come back from your “job” to check on your cities and find a combat message saying you were plundered. simple smile How to tell if you are being attacked! Hopefully your defenses were strong enough to defend your city!

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You need a level 10 Town Hall to advance your military rank to General. You need to be ranked General to advance your title to Earl, Marquis, etc. Since you cannot advance without a level 10 Town Hall your first Michelangelo script should be used for TH 10.  Otherwise TH 10 is probably not as important as Walls 10. After the first TH 10 use your Michelangelo Scripts to create level 10 walls.

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A clever strategy for capturing high level valleys is to allow your enemy to capture a high level valley first. Then you attack it and capture it after he recalls his troops. For example taking a level 10 valley will require 20k troops or more. However if you wait for an enemy to take a level 10 valley then you try to take it from him, you might be able to take it with only 1 troop! You can only do this if you are out of beginner’s protection.

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To defend your city you need to open your gates! Click on your rally point and click on the open gates checkbox. This will allow your troops to sally forth and defend your castle. Otherwise only your defenses (archer towers, traps, abatis, etc.) will defend you. If your gates are closed your troops will not fight to defend you.

Scouts also do not defend unless your gates are open. Your enemies can scout you without worrying about your defenses unless your gates are open!

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The level of your walls affects the range of your defenses (archery towers) and your garrisoned archers also shoot further. The level of your walls also affects how many defensive structures you can have on the wall and how many structures you can queue up to build. For example a level 9 wall can have 14,692 ATs. A level 10 wall can have 18,166 ATs.

It is assumed the wall bonus is similar to an archery bonus. It is assumed that you receive a 5% bonus per level of wall just like you receive a 5% bonus to your range based on your archery level. I’m not sure if this is true or not but if someone can verify the numbers I’d love to know what they are.

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You can setup multiple troops to be trained depending on the size of your barracks. If your barracks is level 4 for example you can schedule 4 batches of troops to be trained. If your barracks is level 9 you can queue up 9 batches of troops to be trained. Similarly if you are building defenses on your walls you can schedule multiple batches of defenses to be built. The number of batches you can use on walls is based on the level of the walls.

I feel that it is best to queue up batches of troops in small quantities.  That way you always have new troops becoming available. You might train 300 Archers or 100 ATs at a time. That way every hour you have new troops or new defenses available and you can schedule 4 or 8 or 12 or 24 hours worth of troops to be trained.  This also gives you small boosts in Prestige as each new batch of 100 troops is completed. (Training smaller batches of troops no longer gives a prestige boost.)

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you queue up 10,000 troops to be trained and get attacked. You can’t use any of those troops and it takes hours to complete the building process. Another problem is when you have 10000 archers training and you discover you need to get maybe 10000 scouts instead. You either have to cancel the archers or wait until they finish training.  It’s a lot easier to cancel 100 troops and possibly loose some resources than canceling 10,000.

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