This is one of my favorite times during advancement in Evony. The search for Honor Medals can yield far more than just medals.

Check out our Advanced Strategies Guide for your complete medal hunting strategy, rank up fast!

I have found that the best place to find Honor Medals is Level 4 NPC’s. Not only do they drop Honor Medals when attacked but, Lion and Courage Medals as well. So as soon as you reach Barronet you should make attacking level 4 NPC’s part of your daily routine.

honormedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCslionmedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCscouragemedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

Level 4 NPC’s contain a lot of resources which will help you build quickly while you are waiting to advance your rank and title.  Specifically they contain 1.6 million food, 120k of each resource, and 300k gold. There is even an advanced strategy for attacking these cities without taking a single loss.

4npcreport Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

Another thing you will get while attacking Level 4’s are a ton of Gems both Flawless and Delicate. You will be able to upgrade your hero gear in Age 2 quickly with an abundance of gems.

flawlessgem Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCsdelicategem Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

I suggest upgrading your Rally Spot as much and quickly as you can. This will allow you to send out more attacks and increase your chances of finding an Honor (or other) Medal.

Make a list of every level 4 NPC within 20 miles of you, click on one then click attack. Once you have filled in the numbers for the troops you want to have attack simply go down your list and change the cords for each additional attack. This should save you a ton of time clicking and attacking each individual city.

It takes 8 hours for the resources in an NPC city to regenerate but it only takes 1 hour for troops and defenses to fully recover. To get the full benefit out of each attack space them in 8 hour intervals.

Using this strategy you will find that you are able to jump your title from Baronet all the way to Earl in no time. You will also have more food than you know what to do with. A nice bonus.

Good Luck!

Complete Medal and Advancement Strategy!

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Are you building a new Evony city? The basics of building Evony cities  are very simple, but some cities can have a more targeted purpose and take longer to get the hang of and build.  Let’s look at a few Evony city types that many players commonly use.

  • Raiding City (varied uses)
  • Tax City/Gold City (for all your gold, new servers and newbies only)
  • Resource City (Focus on one specific resource, keep all the same valley’s, massive single resource production, mostly old servers)
  • Military City (Troop mass production, also holds your army)
  • Main City/Political City/Headquarters (First city, with a nice amount of troops and full walls defending it in the first 3-5 months hopefully)

Evony Raiding City

Raiding Cities are NPC’s you have conquered. They serve as rally points for your troops and are used for three reasons.

  1. A good secretive way to mass troops close to opponents
  2. Faster transport to and from alliance members.
  3. Protection for your main city

First things first, conquer an NPC city.

raidingcity Building a New Evony City


  • Just leave it the way it is, maybe increase the rally spot if you’ve got a low level NPC/Flat. Maybe a few fancy touch-ups depending on your planned usage.


  • 37 Farms—-Upgrade As much as possible so you can mass troops and not worry about feeding them!
  • 1 Sawmill, Ironmine, Quarry-Lol? Yeah just keep them……..

Now that you have a safe place to mass your troops that is close to your opponent you can attack and raid quickly and with ease. You shouldn’t really have to worry about defenses since you will have a large army here. Also when you are done attacking the nearby opponent you may want to abandon this city anyway.

This strategy is great for protecting the location of your main city. If your opponent has a high enough level Beacon Tower they will be able to see the exact location from which your attack originated. If they or their alliance come after you, you can run and loose only a city that you would have probably abandoned anyway.

Evony Tax/Gold City

This city is simply used to make gold and is much the same a resource city since much of your gold will come from selling resources. Use a high politics hero as mayor, this will increase resource production. Check your marketplace to see which resources are selling for the most on your server, usually lumber or iron. When you are producing these in abundance they can be sold and you should have no shortage of gold. The more gold the better!


  • Town Hall Level 9
  • 1 Inn level 9
  • 1 Feasting Hall level 9
  • 29 Cottage level 9
  • Marketplace level 1


  • 37 level 9 sawmills/ironmine depending on which resource sells for more.

Don’t worry about producing much if any food as you will have plenty of gold to buy it. Food is usually the cheapest resource.

Evony Resource City

This city provides massive production (over 600,000) of a certain resource per hour and is very similar to your Gold City.

Whatever you decide to produce, it’s a good idea to make sure you have 10 Level 10 Forests/Hills/deserts for increased production (230%). This is the primary advantage of focusing on one resource.

If you have three resource cities each focusing on all the resources then the nearby hills, deserts and forests you capture wont compound and increase the production of any one resource as much.

Your ability to store more of the given resource will make for easy access. You wont have to transport from three different cities to collect any one resource.

In the later stages of the game lumber and iron are most preferable, as you need them to build troops and defensive units.


  • 1 Inn level 9 (demolish after you have a high politics hero)
  • 1 Feasting Hall level 1
  • 1 Town Hall level 10
  • 30 Cottages level 9


  • 40 of the resource you are producing (ironmine or sawmill mostly) level 9

Evony Military City

In a military city we want to do one main thing: produce a lot of troops fast. I also like to have my military cities hold a portion of my army, as there is no point in having an extra city produce tons of food for my troops unless it’s a raiding city where troops will be anyway. If you are planning to build a certain unit more than another plan your resource fields produce the necessary resource.


  • 1 Inn level 9 (demolish after 8 good attack heroes and 1 good political hero)
  • 1 Feasting Hall level 9 (8 atk, 1 pol)
  • 20 Barracks levels 4, 5, 9 (archers, cavalry, ballistae)
  • 10 Cottages level 9
  • Town Hall level 10


  • 40 farms level 9

Or distribute to account for the unit you are producing, this may save some time transporting in your resources. Lets face it, you will be producing a huge quantity of troops and bringing in resources will be necessary.

Evony Political City – Your First and Main City

This city is your headquarters, so it’s pretty much a balanced city that does a little bit of everything. You should have excellent walls and defenses plus troops as you will DIE without them once someone finds out this is your main city. So get working, this is accomplished in the first 1-2 months!


  • 1 Town Hall level 10
  • 1 of every one per city building (beacon tower, feasting hall, inn, marketplace, academy, relief station, forge, workshop, embassy all level 9
  • 7 Cottages level 9
  • 16 Barracks level 4,5,9


  • 20 Sawmills level 9
  • 10 Farms level 9
  • 10 Ironmines level 9

You can replace some of the farms with whichever resource you need most.  Food is cheap and easy to raid from nearby NPC’s.

It’s preferable to have 5-6 military cities, 1 lumber and one iron producing city, one city to act as your headquarters, and the rest saved for raiding cities. When you separate your cities purposes like this it is important to remember that you will need a lot of transports to move resources around.

Any other thoughts, city types, or suggestions? Leave a comment.

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If you attack a valley or flat and do not have the slots available to capture it, you will still be able to loot resources from it!

Early on it might be valuable to loot nearby valleys for resources.  Just send some workers or transporters along with your regular troops and they will carry resources back.  Valleys contain resources based on the type of valley you conquer.

If you raid a grassland, lake, or swamp you will bring food back with your army.  If you raid a desert you’ll bring stone back with you. If you raid a forest you’ll bring back wood. Etc. If however you conquer the valley so that you “capture” it, you will not bring back resources with you. Instead you will get a production bonus at your city for producing that type of resource.

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Currently the comforting method “population raising” seems to be broken. It says it will take 10 times more food than it actually does. If it says it will require 122k food to raise your population it will only use 12.2 k food.  I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I use this a lot when starting out with a new city.  You can for example train your maximum number of troops, then use population raising to raise your population. As soon as you raise your population again you can schedule more troops to be trained. (BTW – Is this an exploit? I submitted a bug report just in case it is a bug. That way they can’t accuse me of exploiting something.)

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Comforting can allow you to raise your loyalty, raise your population, etc. To use comforting you click on your town hall and select the comforting button.  There are 4 types of comforting to choose from. You can only do one comforting at a time. Comforting also has a 15 minute timer.  Every 15 minutes the timer is reset and you can do comforting again.

More often than not you will use “disaster relief” to raise your loyalty or “population raising” to raise your population total temporarily.

For example you can train as many troops as you have “idle population”. I may train all the troops possible, then use population raising to raise my population a little more, then train another batch of troops.

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Troops require food.  Even if you win a “mechanics battalion” on the wheel of fortune, you won’t want to “apply” it until you know you can feed the troops! Many newbies have turned in their mechanics battalion only to find they suddenly were starving because they didn’t have enough food production to keep them. (Or food stored from looting/buying on the market.)

The amount of food you produce will show as either a green number or a red number.  Red means you are using more food to feed your troops than you are currently making.  This number will change if your troops are marching to war. When they march to war they bring food with them so your food production may look like it’s a positive (green) number.  However if you look at the number when your troops are back you might be generating less food than you need (red.)

I don’t worry about food too much as it is easy (and cheap) to purchase on the market.

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Every city can benefit from the skills you have learned in the academy. The only catch is you have to have an academy in every city and your academy in your new city has to be a high enough level.  You can see this by opening your academy training window.  Each skill will have a score next to it like “Lv. 6/Ct. 6”or whatever.  If you see a “Lv. 9/ Ct. 0” it means your skill is at a level 9 but this city doesn’t meet the qualifications yet. It could mean your Academy is too low a level, you don’t have a stable, or forge, or whatever. Look at the cost to learn that skill to find what area you are lacking in. The item you are lacking in will be shown in red text.

As soon as you build the proper structures your city will benefit from the skills you learned in your other academy! For this reason when you build a new city you can quickly speed up production and resources simply by building an academy there. Academy level 1 will speed up food and lumber creation. Level 2 will speed up mining and quarrying.

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It is often easier to get a fast start on a new Evony server if you are out of Beginner’s Protection (BP). BP normally lasts for 7 days. If you are out of BP then you can fight other players and barbarians. You can begin fighting level 1 – 3 Barbarian towns to build your resources and gold quickly, especially if you are using ballistas and transporters. There are some advanced strategies for taking Barbarian towns without any losses. You can also take flats and valleys away from other players.  You can capture valleys that other players have already captured. This is one way to capture high level valleys without risking a lot of troops.  This also helps you complete some of the newbie quests. You might make enemies but they’ll be in beginner’s protection and won’t be able to fight you unless they leave BP themselves!

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At later stages in Evony you probably want to have a very low tax rate. You want to have as high a loyalty as possible in case you get attacked. Every time you are attacked your loyalty will go down. Being attacked reduces your loyalty and can cause riots in your city if your loyalty drops too low. You also want a high loyalty because you want to have a lot of idle population. A large idle population allows you to create a lot of troops quickly as the amount of troops you can create is based on your idle population. Remember gold becomes very easy to get later in the game so you don’t need to have as high of a tax rate.  In fact I sometimes run cities with 0 tax rate at later stages of the game.

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In Evony it is entirely possible to run a 100% tax rate.  This means your population will constantly dwindle because your loyalty will be going down.  As your loyalty goes down so does your population and eventually your town will revolt.

However you can use comforting to increase your loyalty or increase your population. Since you can perform comforting every 15 minutes you can maintain your population level/loyalty.  However if you forget to use comforting or if you are going to be offline for awhile (maybe to go to work, school, your job, or just to take a break from Evony) then you stand a chance that you’ll log back in to find your army deserted you and your towns people are revolting.

So why would you want to run a 100% tax rate? This tax rate allows you to maximize the revenue you make from your towns people.  The gold can help you hire high level heroes, buy resources, or research in the academy.  Since things like “construction” or “archery” are key research items the sooner you can advance those skills the better.  Some players like to run the risk and run a high tax level at first.  These are players that can be online for 4 to 8 to 12 hours at a time.  They can constantly use comforting every 15 minutes to raise their loyalty/population.

Just keep in mind if you try this method to be sure to reset your tax rate to 50% or 30% when you log off. Otherwise you may login to find you have very little if any loyalty and your townspeople will be trying to start a revolt against you.  I had that happen and it isn’t pretty 😉

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