Since Evony first launched there has been talk among players and countless requests to Evony for the ability to queue building projects. Well that ability is finally here!

Bernini’s Hammer is the first new item to be added to the game since the launch of Age 2. For the Cost 5 game cents per building you can now queue one building per title promotion. So a Civilian can queue 1 building a Night can queue 2 etc.

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Dawnseeker is not really clear in his post on the Evony forum as to whether this allows you to queue multiple upgrades per building or one upgrade for multiple buildings. Either way this proves to offer a great advantage to anyone willing to spend the money.

Quote from Dawnseeker on

“Bernini’s Hammer lets you queue up multiple construction projects to build one after another. This means you can set your Town Hall to begin upgrading right when your Walls finish or set all your Barracks to upgrade to the next level one after another! The possibilities with this item are endless and it’s only 5 Cents per building!”

For people who don’t spend money on the game it means that its time for more amulets via Facebook and more luck at the Wheel!

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Its been a busy past couple weeks for Evony! To start with they just made one of the biggest changes I have seen in recent history. When attacking NPC cities there is now the possibility of gear upgrade materials to drop as rewards. Here is the official post on the evony forum:

Evony bbs – “Players will now sometimes see Iron Ore, Wood, Crude Gemstones, Thoroughbreds, and Fabric as rewards for defeating barbarian cities.

materials1 Evony Age 2 Item Drop Rate Change + Evony Crash!

To me this is huge! Until now if you want to upgrade your hero gear past the first few levels you had to sped money.  Now that these items can be obtained its possible to do all of your upgrades without spending a dime. This may take some time but for those of you who don’t want to spend money on the game there is now a way.

I have been doing some testing and it appears that these drop rates are still extremely low. Also there is some concern that these rewards may fall in place of medals thus decreasing the number of medals that drop. I have not been able to confirm this one way or the other.

Please comment below and let me know what your experience has been with this new change.

The next big thing that many of you may have noticed is that Evony was down yesterday! I got several emails asking for my help, lol. Sorry I am not Evony.

Evony posted on facebook last night saying that the issue has been resolved. I don’t know what happened but I do know that it had a lot of people concerned.

So here’s keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly from here on out.

One other fun bit of info. It looks like Atlantis has finally been conquered in the full release of Age 2. Congrats to Hughesy, looks like there may be some trouble to come for him soon though.

Here’s the post:

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Mr Bruce Everis,

Why are you picking on Evony for their free to play business model? (free to play but offer in game items for rl $$$)?

Have you been on Facebook recently? Don’t you realize that’s how most of the facebook developers plan to monetize their games? Just look at Zynga the makers of the facebook games Mobwars, Mafiawars, Farmville, Pirates, and Vampire Wars. Aren’t they all based on the SAME business model you are constantly arguing against? They are all free to play but allow you to purchase credits which can be used to buy in game items. See the screenshot below from MafiaWars on facebook.

mafiawars Bruce Everis, why do you pick on Evony and not Zynga?

Isn’t this the new business model written about by Chris Anderson the editor of WIRED magazine. He writes about a new business model called FREE: the future of a radical price.

So Bruce, why are you picking on Evony? Obviously at this point you are picking on them because you think they are related to Chinese Gold Farmers and they sued you, but WHY did you start this fight in the first place? Why haven’t you complained about the dozens of other companies out there using the SAME BUSINESS MODEL to do online games?

MOST of the big Facebook game companies are using the same business model. You play for free but they constantly try and upsell you on getting more levels or buying stuff for the game using real currency. Isn’t this the same thing you are accusing Evony of doing?  Why aren’t you talking about these companies?

– Ben Fitts

Evony Game Guide

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Important update for those of you on “World servers”. Evony is merging these older servers together in a campaign called “Call of the Warlord”. They call these WN1 WN2 and WN3. If you see any threads on the forums with those names in them they are about the world merges.

Old servers W1 – W5 have already been merged.

Servers W6 – W11 are being merged now.

Servers W12 – W17 are next to be merged.

Apparently a lot of things happen. You loose your valleys. Your cities are transported to random locations within the region and your alliances disappear and have to be reformed. IN exchange you’ll get a more active server with a lot of top players. You’ll also get 50 evony cents to help get you started.

I suggest anyone who is on one of these servers spend some time reading the game forums to get more information on this.

Here are some tips from another player that has already been through a World Merge.

the merge of W1-W5 was a bumpy ride for sure…. but now you should see the activity level on the server! WOW!

here is what I would do if I knew that I was going to be forced through another merge
-stockpile a week of food in each city – no exceptions
-create and rank up some accounts on the other servers for the free coins
-find a way to keep in touch with alliance members during and right after the merge and regroup faster (skype, messenger etc.)
-build some twig cities to claim as many adv teleports as possible – npc any you don’t want after the merge
-collect any real life email addys of people you want to keep in touch with… many people will quit over the stress of the move
-do not log in on the first day of new server – let everyone else discover any bugs first without risking your account
-sit back and enjoy watching all the people totally freaking out over the merge (I hated the idea of the merge at first but now the new server and diplomatic dynamics have grown on me)
-be patient if there are any issues with your account transfer, Evony will get to most of them eventually

Good luck everyone! Hang in there, it will only hurt for a little while

Check out the forum at: to get more information on the world merges.

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From Evony:

Beloved Lords and Ladies,
How is your journey in Evony going?

More players are coming into this land, making Evony a success, which we owe it to you! To help you compete more effectively and easily, we prepared for each and every one of you a FREE $50 worth gift: Package Sep A!

Spend $30 or more by September 6th and you can get one! Here are the goodies you’ll receive!

Beginner Guidelines*10
Primary Guidelines*5
Cross Medal*3
Rose Medal*2
Lion Medal*1
Wisdom Medal*3
Freedom Medal*3
Napoleon’s Diary*2
Michelangelo’s Script*1

Check it out through the top left gift box icon and don’t miss it!

Play for fun and get more friends!

Evony Team

Conditions: Purchases of cents under the premium rewards program do not qualify for the above package. Must spend a total of $30 or more on cents between now and midnight Pacific Standard Time September 6th. Total retail value of the Package is $50.

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In response to player request, we have decided to massively increase the amount of resources that can be won by using an Amulet! Previously, the amounts were fixed as follows:

40K Food
40K Iron
40K Stone
40K Lumber
30K Gold
20K Food
20K Iron
20K Stone
20K Lumber
15K Gold

With our latest patch, these amounts will be drastically increased for our more advanced players! Players with a Town Hall of level 6 or higher will receive a multiplier on this amount of resources! Here is the breakdown:

Town Hall 6 gives 2x the amount.
Town Hall 7 gives 4x the amount.
Town Hall 8 gives 6x the amount.
Town Hall 9 gives 8x the amount.
Town Hall 10 gives 10x the amount!

Players with a Town Hall of 5 or lower will still receive the base amount of resources. We hope that by making this reward scale upward based on your highest level Town Hall, players will find these new rewards more useful and more exciting!

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas toward making this change and keep the great ideas coming! We’re listening!

Best Regards,

Evony Team

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