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Are you an Evony Expert?

Help other Evony players by sharing your knowledge. If you have tips, tricks, strategies, or information you would like to share this is your chance. With tens of thousands of monthly visitors your work will not go unnoticed! If we use your information in a post you will be credited.

What are the standards for submission?

1. While all tips and tricks will be accepted it is likely that it will not be posted on the blog unless it is over 450 words. Smaller submissions may be compiled and used as one post.

2. Any blog post should be written in article format with a clear introduction, explanatory paragraphs, and conclusion.

3. All writing must be original. It’s acceptable to cite an occasional phrase but do not cite large passages from other written works. Always credit your source.

4. Must be written in good English, and free of any major grammatical errors.

5. The topics should be interesting and informative. Outline clear steps that are easy to follow for any “how to” that you submit.

6. Screen shots are not a requirement but we love them!

7. Specify, is your information for Evony, Evony Age 2 or both.

8. Multiple submissions are acceptable. In fact the more you submit the better your chances of getting published.

DISCLAIMER: All submissions become property of EvonyGameGuide.com to use as the administration sees fit.  Submission is no guarantee of being published, and EvonyGameGuide.com may see fit to use submitted content off-site.

If we really like your work, you may be invited to write for EvonyGameGuide.com as a staff writer!

All submissions should be sent to webmaster@evonygameguide.com.

Good Luck!

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