So you’ve started on a Evony Age 2 server and you see people talking in world chat about how they have gotten 50k or 100k prestige their first day.  Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Well the trick is Facebook.

You know how Evony now let’s you connect to Facebook?  Well here is how you can get 100k prestige in a single day.

1. Connect your Evony account to a Facebook account.  It does NOT have to be your main Facebook account. You can make an account just for Evony.  Just use a new email address and you can always get a free email at Yahoo, Gmail or whatever.

2. If you are in an alliance, ask your alliance for their Facebook emails so you can send them all friend requests.  If you can get 10 facebook connections you should have enough for 100k prestige. If not you can use these facebook groups to connect with other people on your server.

Evony Age II Ally Page

Evony Daily Players Fast Add

With these two Facebook groups you can find a bunch of other Evony players on your server.  You can look through the list for people who say they are on your server.  Many of them will say they are on NA1, NA3, NA6 or whatever.  Find people who are on your server and send them a friend request.  Make sure you add some additional comments to let them know you are an evony player from their server.
You can also post a message on these servers.  I wrote something like “Evony Age 2, Server NA3 Daily Player”.  Within a few hours several other NA3 players had added me as a result of posting to these Facebook groups.

IMPORTANT: Once you are confirmed as a Facebook friend you have to add them as a Evony Ally.  To do this click on the evony news where it says “play Evony with” or any of the other Evony news items.  Then before you are taken over to Evony click on the “My Allies” button at the top:

my allies 300x102 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

If you have Evony allies already or pending requests you will see them on this screen.  Scroll down until you see the following:

my allies 2 287x300 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

Once you have allies you will start seeing Evony news items that will allow you to gain resources, troops, etc.  However one of the best things you can do is visit your allies and help them every day.  When you do this you will get bonus chests that you can use.  The basic chests will give you like 80k food, 20k stone, iron, lumber.

You can use these chests to make a donation of gold, a donation of food, a donation of stone, etc. quests.  These quests will give you 20k prestige EACH. This is how to quickly get 100k prestige in a single day.

To visit your allies click on the Facebook icon for your ally on your main Evony screen. If this menu is hidden you may need to click on the Facebook F icon to open the menu.

my allies 3 300x275 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

On the following screen you’ll see a view of your friend’s home city.  Several buttons will appear. The one you want to click on is the one that says “help increase production”.  That will allow you to help your friend and will send your friend a small chest of resources.  Your friends will do the same thing back to you and this is how you can quickly get 200,000+ resources in one day so you can donate them and get 100k prestige. Believe me you’ll get all these resources back quickly.

my allies 4 300x136 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

Creating allies with Facebook is just one step.  There will be more Facebook tricks.  I’ll keep you all updated as I learn the tricks from Evony Age 2.

– Ben

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Evony Age 2 - Get 100k Prestige your first day, 8.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

3 Responses to “Evony Age 2 – Get 100k Prestige your first day”

  1. Zain says:

    You get minor resouces 2k each which is pretty lame

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    VA:F [1.9.7_1111]
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  2. Lhama says:

    yeah, the higest prestige i’ve got using this method is 250. there aren’t any options to give 20k prestige even if you follow this guide to the letter.

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  3. Matherz says:

    No, idiots. After raising production + having it raised for you, you apply all the resource packages. Then, after getting 200,000 of food / lumber / iron / stone / gold, go to the quests page. Different to AGE 1, you have 3 tabs for quests; normal, hero and commission. Go to the hero ones and have a look down all 3 of the main quests. You can donate troops, medals or RESOURCES. Click on the resources one, and click Donate (next to the ‘Complete Quest’ button). Then you can complete the quest. You gain between 15k prestige (gold) and 30k (iron) … This works because i have done it … Overall, you gain around 120,000 prestige for this resources quest series. After that, a mear 4,000 warriors gets your 10k prestige. There’s a list for them too. if your lucky enough to get a mechanics battalion or 2, apply it/them and do the troop quests. If your looking for a healthy amount of prestige to impress alliances or impress possible members for your own alliance, this is the quickest way to do it.

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    VA:F [1.9.7_1111]
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