One of the problems players of Evony Age 2 are experiencing is sever lag.  I’ve heard a lot of complaints and some players are going back to play on Age 1.  I think many of these players don’t understand what causes lag.

Lag isn’t your PC.  Lag is caused by the server.  Some of the Age 2 servers are overloaded and these servers have a lot of lag.  The computers running the game literally can’t process all the various orders, battles, etc.  However some Evony Age 2 servers are not overloaded. These servers seem to run much smoother than the overpopulated servers.

Today I put together a list of the 3 of players on each Evony Age 2 server:

na1: 75,030 players
na2: 45,510 players
na3: 40,890 players
na4: 41,950 players
na5: 130,610 players
na6: 118,660 players
na7: 134,460 players
na8: 136,630 players
As you can see NA3 and NA4 have the least number of players. In fact they have almost 1/4 the number of players on NA8.

So if you get tired of the lag on your Age 2 server, maybe you’re on the wrong server?

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