Evony Age 2, adds several new features.

Learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

One of the newest game elements/features is the ability to outfit your heroes with equipment. The equipment helps increase the heros stats. You can see from this screenshot that the equipment includes armor, swords, shields, etc. Depending on the style of equipment and the level the stats are increased more. Level 1 increases 1 stat by 1 point. Level 2, 2 points. Additionally you can socket gems into the armor and equipment to increase the stats further. There are 3 different gems. One effects attack, one politics, and one intelligence. Finally you can further increase your heroes speed by giving them thoroughbreds to ride. I assume this will increase the speed of the army led by the hero?

hero th Evony Age 2   New Features   Evony 2
Evony 2 Hero

Evony Age II goes by many nicknames. Some call it Evony 2. Some call it Evony Beta (since it is in beta right now.) Others called it Evony Age 2 instead of typing out the roman numerals. Whatever you call it, it looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Adding these new features to the game will make the game playable much longer. Players won’t get bored once their cities are built. Now they will work to increase their blacksmithing, build new items, and outfit EACH of their heroes. It could be a long process!

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Evony Age 2 - New Features - Evony 2, 7.4 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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  1. wtty says:

    i am woried that i will lose evrything in age 1 if i change so i am not going to besouse it took me ages to get where i am and id rather stop than start agian.

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