Evony Glossary

Learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops!

Here are some terms and abbreviations we commonly use in Evony.

1M – 1,000,000. M is an abbreviation for million

100K – 100,000. K is an abbreviation for thousand

Abatis – A defensive trap used to trap/kill cavalry units

Arch – Archery skill

AT, ATT – Attack – Mayors with high Attack are good for building troops in barracks. Heroes with high Attack are helpful in raiding/defending battles.

ATs – Archer Towers (most useful type of defensive protection)

Balls – Ballistas (siege engines – especially useful in attacking barbarian towns)

Barb – Barbarian Town. See also NPC.

BP – Beginner’s Protection (Usually 7 days but can be ended by building TH to level 5)

Cats – Cataphracts, heavy cavalry – could also be confused with Catapults

Cavs – Cavalry (basic cavalary unit)

Cents – Game currency used within Evony buy items, speed up research, hasten building times,  or buy spins on the wheel of fortune.

Flat – a flat is any region other than a town. Flats can be a valley (grassland, swamp, lake, desert, forest, hill) or they can be flat areas where you can build cities. All valleys are flats but not all flats are valleys.

HBR – Horseback riding skill

INT – Intelligence – Mayors with high intelligence are good for research. Heroes with high intelligence are helpful in scouting.

Logs – Rolling Logs

Medals – awarded for combat and are used to advance your rank/title.

NPC – Non Player Character – a computer controlled player.

Pikes – Pikemen

POL – Politics Mayors with high politics are good for gathering resources and building structures (including defensive structures on walls).

Rainbow – Strategy where you send 1 of each type of troop along with your main army.

Rax – abbreviation for barracks

Rose – basic medal required to get your first promotions. They come from conquering low level valleys and flats.

Scripts – Michelangelo Scripts are needed to make structures level 10.

Swords – Swordsmen

TH – Town Hall

Trans – Transporters (a type of wagon that doesn’t set off traps or abatis)

Traps – Traps (kills foot soldiers)

Trebs – Defensive Trebuchets (targets enemy siege engines)

Walls – self explanatory 😉

Wheel – the wheel of fortune randomly awards you prizes ranging from resources to medals to rare loot.

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  1. dartmon says:

    what is the polling booth for and what does the govorner do or the embassador do

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