In response to player request, we have decided to massively increase the amount of resources that can be won by using an Amulet! Previously, the amounts were fixed as follows:

40K Food
40K Iron
40K Stone
40K Lumber
30K Gold
20K Food
20K Iron
20K Stone
20K Lumber
15K Gold

With our latest patch, these amounts will be drastically increased for our more advanced players! Players with a Town Hall of level 6 or higher will receive a multiplier on this amount of resources! Here is the breakdown:

Town Hall 6 gives 2x the amount.
Town Hall 7 gives 4x the amount.
Town Hall 8 gives 6x the amount.
Town Hall 9 gives 8x the amount.
Town Hall 10 gives 10x the amount!

Players with a Town Hall of 5 or lower will still receive the base amount of resources. We hope that by making this reward scale upward based on your highest level Town Hall, players will find these new rewards more useful and more exciting!

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas toward making this change and keep the great ideas coming! We’re listening!

Best Regards,

Evony Team

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Evony News: Wheel of Fortune Rewards Increased, 6.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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