We’re updating the Evony Strategy Guide with information on Evony Age 2!

I’ve been updating the guide with new tips and strategies. I’ve also been updating the guide with a section on the beta of Evony Age 2. This will include information on the new features within Age 2.

The new version will be ready by the weekend. For those of you who already purchased the Evony Guide version 1, I will be giving you free updates to the guide. You get all updates as a part of your purchase! (You’re welcome!)

If you haven’t yet purchased the Guide then you will want to purchase it now. When I launch Version 2 of the Guide the price will be going up.

Remember to purchase go to:

Finally… are you an expert at Evony? Are you playing in the Beta? I’m looking to hire writers to help with updates. If you’re interested leave a comment on this post and give me your best email address so I can follow up with you. I will require writing samples, so please be prepared to provide some links to some articles you’ve written about Evony.

– Ben

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Updates to Evony Guide Age 2, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

2 Responses to “Updates to Evony Guide Age 2”

  1. Cyb says:

    Hi, Ive been top on two servers 88 & 54.
    Had the number 1 attack and politics hero.
    I’ve killed 70 million attacking forces over 36 hours with minimal losses, less than a million in defence.
    I’ve written tips and authored several tools for evony, including Deep Zoom maps and progress timers.

    You can get me at the mail I’ve provided.

    Just released: A free online version of our popular talking timer. Drop me a line if you are interested.

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  2. WarKingz says:

    I would like to know how to get a good resource city

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