Why is everyone so upset about Evony’s boobie advertisements?

I don’t get it…

SOOOOOO Many companies use sex to sell advertising.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this web site.  It shows dozens of different advertisements for various video games that use sexy ads to sell the game.

And we’re not even talking about the beer ads, deodorant, cologne, cars, jewelry, etc.  Gallup advertising actually has a great page showing a lot of other companies that use sex to sell their products. (see sex in advertising here)

I even found a web site entirely focused on sex in advertising.

The funny thing to me is all the people complaining about the Evony ads are just helping Evony promote the game!  How many people have clicked on the links or done a Google search as a result of seeing all the people twittering about the “sexy” ads from Evony.  Do these people not realize they are just helping promote the game?

The fact is the game is a lot of fun to play. Regardless of how it is advertised or any of  that junk.  The game is fun so once we get a chance to play the game we learn that all that other stuff doesn’t matter!

Thanks for helping promote Evony 😉

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Evony's boobie ads - Why is everyone so upset?, 7.2 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

3 Responses to “Evony’s boobie ads – Why is everyone so upset?”

  1. brucemo says:

    The reason people get upset about the evony boob ads is that they give a false impression of what you’ll find in the game, and that they are crass to the point where the complete lack of taste will make your head break open and your brains gush out on the keyboard unless you view them through a layer of burlap.

    In ads for beer or cars that these feature enthusiastic women with clothing deficiencies, your mind may make some connection between the product and the women, but you know that there is no actual connection. You know at some level that beer is just beer, and the enthusiastic women are your job.

    If you see a picture of a woman in a swimsuit on the cover of a DVD at the video store, the connection is more real — you expect there to be at least woman in a swimsuit in the movie. The packaging on visual content is normally pretty indicative of the content.

    This is why people yell “where’s the porn!” in general chat in Evony. You see boobs in the ads and it’s only natural that you’d expect there to be boobs in the game. So the advertising is misleading and probably deceptive, in addition to setting a new standard of crassness.

    That’s why people are complain about the ads.

    It takes a lot to make teenaged boys complain about pictures of boobs, but if anything is going to do it, it’s the ads for this game.

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  2. wendi says:

    hey, im a chick, im not offended.. i like boobies just like the next person. if u dont like their ad… plain and simple.. dont click on it!

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  3. Spitt says:

    Or better yet, use adblock/RIP to block that crap.

    I am in complete agreement, they are trying to get people to come to the game, yet there’s no sex talk allowed in the general text area. I know, I tried. In fact I got suspended after telling someone I wanted to rip out their eyes and skull f**k them! I explained I was just releasing some sexual tension about the misleading ads…. well not really. But the ads do bother me, in the way they portray the game. Adblock and RIP only go so far.

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