A lot of people ask about how to get prestige in Evony.

One of the key ways to get prestige in Evony is to not have very big Town Halls and not run a lot of cities.

One of the key factors when getting prestige from battles is the size of all your Town Halls combined. If you have 5 cities with level 9 Town Halls you have a Town Hall rating for 45. If you had only two cities each with level 10 Town Halls you’d have a Town Hall rating for 20 and you’d gain prestige a lot faster.

Don’t believe me? Look at this top players chart from the beta server.
top players 300x183 How to get Prestige in Evony

One of the things you’ll notice is that 3 of the top 10 players on the beta server only have 1 city each. Most of these players have very little honor. They have been focusing on building barbarian towns near their city and attacking the barbarians over and over and over.

One trick you can do to get prestige is to simply not upgrade your Town Halls as much as possible. On one server I’m playing right now I’ve gone from being ranked 2,800 in prestige to being ranked 180. I use only two cities. I have big walls but small town halls. It even makes my cities look smaller on the map.

Another trick you can use is to build up several cities to build up your resources and your massive armies. Then move them all to one city and abandon your extra cities. This way you’ll have one city with one Town Hall and you’ll gain prestige faster from attacking level 10 barbarians.

Try these tricks out and let me know if you have any more tricks for gaining prestige fast.

– Ben

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4 Responses to “How to get Prestige in Evony”

  1. RHYS says:

    hrmmmm i might try that with a new server if i have the time cause i have 14 servers and in 1 i am host of DRAGO in na20 so far its doing well,ranked 51 with 94 members so it hard to lose focus on it but Do you know how much pres you gain each time in battle with a level 4 npc with 150 ballista and 150n transporters and you having no losses?
    cause i certainly dont {o o}
    { ” }
    ( )( )
    ^^ ^^

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  2. RHYS says:


    {o o}
    { ” }
    ( )( )
    ^^ ^^
    let big-foot take over the WORLD!

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  3. BOB says:

    i dunno rhys but my hero got 50k experience points when i attacked a lv3 npc with no losses
    this was 150 ballistae and 40 transporters

    whereas when i attacked the same place after it had been hit a couple of times i got 3810 prestige

    i attacked with 500 cavalry
    500 archers
    203 ballistae
    40 transporters
    650 warrior

    lost everything but the ballistae and the transporters
    got a delicate gem

    hero got 96k experience points

    and i nabbed 176k food
    14k lumber, stone and iron
    7k gold

    hope i helped at least a little

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  4. KingDoom1 says:

    the rumor for Age1 is that farming Lvl5 npcs with 500 bllista and 500 trans gets u through and wins you the resources. and another one is this (It earns 6k. prestige) Look at that.Its attacking A level 5 with 45k. warriors and 500 trans only 10 ballista. huge losses of warriors but 6k. pres gain and a TON of food. Hope this helped. :)


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