If you get a notice that your server is going through a merge there are some things you might want to do.

  1. Get in touch with the members of your alliance.  Get their contact information outside the game.  When worlds are merged people may have to change names.  If you have an alliance forum that’s a great starting point.  Your also might want to try and collect as many email addresses as possible. (Your alliance won’t exist at first and you also run the risk after the merger that someone else might start an alliance with the same name!)
  2. Stockpile FOOD and resources.  A lot of people are suggesting that during server merges you don’t login on the first day even if Evony offers you 50 cents to be the first to login.  They’re suggesting that most bugs effect the first people to login and that if you wait 24 or 48 hours you will have less chance of running into problems.
  3. FOOD prices go up drastically in the last few days prior to a merge.  Everyone tries to store enough food to keep their armies alive. You might want to capture a couple level 10 barbs if you can to get access to all their level 10 farms and the food they produce.
  4. Expect the new server to be a cluster f**k.  Everyone gets moved and people have to try and reconnect with their buddies plus the server is packed with more high level players who are all out for blood.  There won’t be as many barbarian towns and you won’t own any valleys.  Competition will be tough.  Stockpile your resources and troops so you can take advantage of other people’s weaknesses.
  5. A little preparedness before the merge will go a long way after the  merge.
  6. Check sites like this one for more info as the merge happens and check the official Evony forums at bbs.evony.com
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If you're going through a server merge, 7.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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  1. Richard G says:

    What is wrong with the server? I haven`t been able to enter the game in 24 hrs.

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