Prestige is like experience points in other games.  Prestige shows a general ranking of you vs. everyone else on the server.  Prestige does not show how good you are at fighting though!  Someone may have a low prestige but be good in combat vs. other players. Someone else may have high prestige but be a newbie!

You earn prestige for building your city, training your army, researching in the academy, and fighting NPCs.  Generally speaking if you are constantly building and improving your cities you will earn prestige. 

There used to be some tricks like building 1 troop at a time or sending a few trips to die at the hands of a barbarian.  Most of these bugs have been fixed though.

I do still build batches of troops because you can queue them up. If I have a level 4 barracks for example I can queue up 4 batches of 100 archers.  That way I get small boosts of prestige, I am always adding troops to my army, etc.  If I trained 400 at a time it would take 4x as long to have those reinforcements available. Plus I think building small batches is good for prestige.

Finally one theory out there is prestige is based partially on your rank. If you have a rank that allows you to have 5 cities but you only build in 2 then you might not earn prestige as fast.  Building in multiple cities at once seems to be the best way to earn prestige fast.

Do you have more tips on earning prestige?

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2 Responses to “Prestige”

  1. madduxxx says:

    Keep town hall and rank as low as possible for as long as possible. If you are farming NPCs there is really no reason to raise the town hall level. And it can help in other ways… I have one city that has a lvl 4 town hall but has lvl 10 walls, lvl 10 rally point and everything else is lvl 9. The walls are AT’ed out completely and I churn ballys out like nobody’s business. Bullys overlook my city on the map b/c the are looking for ‘castles’ and anyone else that tries to scout or attack are in for a huge surprise. As far as the lost production in the city squares, I have build several lvl 4s & 5s NPCs within a square or two of my city to farm. Early, I can get enough gold to spend on the market for any resource I need, and later I can go back and upgrade my TH for the city production squares if need be.

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  2. Slushy says:

    If you keep your TH lvl low, you’ll gain more Prestige. If you have a lvl 10 TH, you only get 1/10 the Prestige you would with a lvl 1 TH. Each upgrade deceases you prestige my 10%… kinda. lvl 5 TH gets 1/5 the Prestige at a lvl 1 and so on… so yes, keep your TH lvl low and in age 2, build builD buiLD buILD bUILD BUILD your troops as much as possible. People in Age 2 have less mercy on people, so you need to be ready for the attacks comin’ your way. Thanks for reading!,
    Lady Jennifer server na25

    PS: If you’re a new accont, get into a nice alliance QUICKLY. They can send you resources and you will grow MUCH more quickly.

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