Ranks in Evony are military titles. They symbolize achievements in building an empire and battling players and NPCs.

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Ranks are relatively meaningless. Their main value is to allow you to promote your noble title so you can own more land (aka. cities.)

When you advance in rank the medals you use to promote are used up. It is important not to advance your rank until you have advanced your title as title is more important.

One benefit to advancing in rank is you receive some “guidelines” which you can use to speed up building times or research.

  • Civilian
  • Lieutenant
    • Requirements: 10,000 gold, Town Hall Level 2, none required
  • Captain
    • Requirements: 20,000 gold, Town Hall Level 4, 5 Cross medals
  • Major
    • Requirements: 30,000 gold, Town Hall Level 6, 5 Rose medals
  • Colonel
    • Requirements: 40,000 gold, Town Hall Level 8, 5 Lion medals
  • General
    • Requirements: 50,000 gold, Town Hall Level 10, 5 Honor medals
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One Response to “Ranks”

  1. Darren says:

    I only advice here would be to not move your rank up to quickly at the start of the game. You get less prestige from attcking when your rank is high.

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