Every city can benefit from the skills you have learned in the academy. The only catch is you have to have an academy in every city and your academy in your new city has to be a high enough level.  You can see this by opening your academy training window.  Each skill will have a score next to it like “Lv. 6/Ct. 6”or whatever.  If you see a “Lv. 9/ Ct. 0” it means your skill is at a level 9 but this city doesn’t meet the qualifications yet. It could mean your Academy is too low a level, you don’t have a stable, or forge, or whatever. Look at the cost to learn that skill to find what area you are lacking in. The item you are lacking in will be shown in red text.

As soon as you build the proper structures your city will benefit from the skills you learned in your other academy! For this reason when you build a new city you can quickly speed up production and resources simply by building an academy there. Academy level 1 will speed up food and lumber creation. Level 2 will speed up mining and quarrying.

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The Academy is very important.  Your academy research can speed the production time of buildings, troops, or the gathering of resources. In the later stages your academy can provide bonuses to your troops in battle or longer range for your archers. An academy is one of the first buildings I create in a new city.

When doing research in the academy the hero you have as mayor can help speed up the time it takes to research.  If you have a mayor with high intelligence when you start the research project the amount of time it takes to perform the research will be speed up.  As soon as you begin the research you can go back to your regular mayor with high politics.

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