Want to see a clever Evony Age 2 Prestige trick? This trick actually works on age 1 as well.

Click here to learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

This screenshot of the top ranked players on one of the age 2 servers clearly shows at least one player using this strategy:
prestige trick 300x204 Evony Age 2 Prestige Trick

Click on the image above to see.  Notice that the player with over 6 million prestige has 0 honor.  He also only has only  1 city and his population is only 224.

Here is the trick.

Step 1. Build a massive army the traditional way

Step 2. Move all your army to one small city. Preferably a city with Town Hall level 1.

Step 3. Move all your resources into that city, especially food.

Step 4. Have an ally or friend capture all of your cities except for that small city (or you can just abandon them but you might want to get the cities back so having a friend capture them is better so they can help you get them back.)

Step 5. Attack some barbarian cities.

Step 6. Collect huge prestige bonuses!

You see prestige is partially based on your total town hall level.  Let’s say you have 5 cities. You would add  up the town hall levels of all 5 cities.  Then when you do battle the amount of prestige you earn is based on that total town hall level.  In the screenshot above you can see this guy is getting so much prestige because he has basically gotten rid of every city.  He has one tiny level 1 city and a population of only 224 in that city (meaning he has a small town hall because the level of cottages is based on the town hall level of the city.)

Rumor has it that this prestige trick works on both Evony Age 1 and Evony Age 2.

– Ben

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So you’ve started on a Evony Age 2 server and you see people talking in world chat about how they have gotten 50k or 100k prestige their first day.  Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Well the trick is Facebook.

You know how Evony now let’s you connect to Facebook?  Well here is how you can get 100k prestige in a single day.

1. Connect your Evony account to a Facebook account.  It does NOT have to be your main Facebook account. You can make an account just for Evony.  Just use a new email address and you can always get a free email at Yahoo, Gmail or whatever.

2. If you are in an alliance, ask your alliance for their Facebook emails so you can send them all friend requests.  If you can get 10 facebook connections you should have enough for 100k prestige. If not you can use these facebook groups to connect with other people on your server.

Evony Age II Ally Page

Evony Daily Players Fast Add

With these two Facebook groups you can find a bunch of other Evony players on your server.  You can look through the list for people who say they are on your server.  Many of them will say they are on NA1, NA3, NA6 or whatever.  Find people who are on your server and send them a friend request.  Make sure you add some additional comments to let them know you are an evony player from their server.
You can also post a message on these servers.  I wrote something like “Evony Age 2, Server NA3 Daily Player”.  Within a few hours several other NA3 players had added me as a result of posting to these Facebook groups.

IMPORTANT: Once you are confirmed as a Facebook friend you have to add them as a Evony Ally.  To do this click on the evony news where it says “play Evony with” or any of the other Evony news items.  Then before you are taken over to Evony click on the “My Allies” button at the top:

my allies 300x102 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

If you have Evony allies already or pending requests you will see them on this screen.  Scroll down until you see the following:

my allies 2 287x300 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

Once you have allies you will start seeing Evony news items that will allow you to gain resources, troops, etc.  However one of the best things you can do is visit your allies and help them every day.  When you do this you will get bonus chests that you can use.  The basic chests will give you like 80k food, 20k stone, iron, lumber.

You can use these chests to make a donation of gold, a donation of food, a donation of stone, etc. quests.  These quests will give you 20k prestige EACH. This is how to quickly get 100k prestige in a single day.

To visit your allies click on the Facebook icon for your ally on your main Evony screen. If this menu is hidden you may need to click on the Facebook F icon to open the menu.

my allies 3 300x275 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

On the following screen you’ll see a view of your friend’s home city.  Several buttons will appear. The one you want to click on is the one that says “help increase production”.  That will allow you to help your friend and will send your friend a small chest of resources.  Your friends will do the same thing back to you and this is how you can quickly get 200,000+ resources in one day so you can donate them and get 100k prestige. Believe me you’ll get all these resources back quickly.

my allies 4 300x136 Evony Age 2   Get 100k Prestige your first day

Creating allies with Facebook is just one step.  There will be more Facebook tricks.  I’ll keep you all updated as I learn the tricks from Evony Age 2.

– Ben

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One of the problems players of Evony Age 2 are experiencing is sever lag.  I’ve heard a lot of complaints and some players are going back to play on Age 1.  I think many of these players don’t understand what causes lag.

Lag isn’t your PC.  Lag is caused by the server.  Some of the Age 2 servers are overloaded and these servers have a lot of lag.  The computers running the game literally can’t process all the various orders, battles, etc.  However some Evony Age 2 servers are not overloaded. These servers seem to run much smoother than the overpopulated servers.

Today I put together a list of the 3 of players on each Evony Age 2 server:

na1: 75,030 players
na2: 45,510 players
na3: 40,890 players
na4: 41,950 players
na5: 130,610 players
na6: 118,660 players
na7: 134,460 players
na8: 136,630 players
As you can see NA3 and NA4 have the least number of players. In fact they have almost 1/4 the number of players on NA8.

So if you get tired of the lag on your Age 2 server, maybe you’re on the wrong server?

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A new element in Evony Age 2 is Historical Cities. These are NPC cities higher than level 10.

Learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

The Historical Cities are spread out across the map as such:

  • Level 12 City (red flag), every 17 miles north/west/south/east.
  • Level 16 City (blue flag), which is the state capital. Only 1 per state.
  • Level 18 City (yellow flag), only 1 per server – “Atlantis” at map coordinates 0,0.
atlantis Evony Age 2 Historical Cities

Atlantis Evony Age 2 - Level 18 City

These cities allow you to send out more troops than normal from rally points. They also allow you to affect the nearby cities in your zone. You can do things like tax other cities, draft 10% of their troops, etc. I believe the idea will be that alliances will fight to conquer these cities and eventually huge wars over the control of these cities will ensue. I don’t know all the effects yet but will write more as I find out.

There have been several threads on the beta forums about the historical cities as some alliances have been gathering a lot of research.

Lord Skywlk from the alliance BAMF wrote a great thread on how to conquer a level 12 historical city.

DaFallen has a thread on Atlantis. Atlantis is the only Level 18 city in the game. YES they were the first alliance to take out a level 18 city! Congratz to DeFallen! You guys kick ass.

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We’re updating the Evony Strategy Guide with information on Evony Age 2!

I’ve been updating the guide with new tips and strategies. I’ve also been updating the guide with a section on the beta of Evony Age 2. This will include information on the new features within Age 2.

The new version will be ready by the weekend. For those of you who already purchased the Evony Guide version 1, I will be giving you free updates to the guide. You get all updates as a part of your purchase! (You’re welcome!)

If you haven’t yet purchased the Guide then you will want to purchase it now. When I launch Version 2 of the Guide the price will be going up.

Remember to purchase go to:

Finally… are you an expert at Evony? Are you playing in the Beta? I’m looking to hire writers to help with updates. If you’re interested leave a comment on this post and give me your best email address so I can follow up with you. I will require writing samples, so please be prepared to provide some links to some articles you’ve written about Evony.

– Ben

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Evony Age 2, adds several new features.

Learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

One of the newest game elements/features is the ability to outfit your heroes with equipment. The equipment helps increase the heros stats. You can see from this screenshot that the equipment includes armor, swords, shields, etc. Depending on the style of equipment and the level the stats are increased more. Level 1 increases 1 stat by 1 point. Level 2, 2 points. Additionally you can socket gems into the armor and equipment to increase the stats further. There are 3 different gems. One effects attack, one politics, and one intelligence. Finally you can further increase your heroes speed by giving them thoroughbreds to ride. I assume this will increase the speed of the army led by the hero?

hero th Evony Age 2   New Features   Evony 2
Evony 2 Hero

Evony Age II goes by many nicknames. Some call it Evony 2. Some call it Evony Beta (since it is in beta right now.) Others called it Evony Age 2 instead of typing out the roman numerals. Whatever you call it, it looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Adding these new features to the game will make the game playable much longer. Players won’t get bored once their cities are built. Now they will work to increase their blacksmithing, build new items, and outfit EACH of their heroes. It could be a long process!

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Evony Age II is coming.

Evony Age II is currently in beta.  Starting at 12:01 AM Central time you can login to the beta server using your normal Evony login. They only accept 10,000 players each day.  That’s why if you want to play the beta you need to login in the middle of the night and start your account.

The beta servers are supposed to reset every 2 days (meaning you loose everything and have to start over.) But some players I’m finding say that hasn’t happened. They have been able to play all week. Another thing they are doing is purging accounts that don’t login for 24 hours to make room for the new players.

The Evony Age II beta server is 10x faster. If something takes 60 seconds to build normally it will only take 6 seconds to build on the Age II server.  That way you can build up cities and armies fast and try out some of the new features of the Age II server. The good news is that beginners scripts still effect 15 minute build times.  So you can use all your scripts to really build up your city quickly.

On the Evony Age II beta server they also give you 1000 game cents every day.  That way you can buy lots of stuff and build even faster.

As I play on the beta server I’ll share more of the changes with you.

It looks like they’ve add several layers of advancements. For example you can now outfit your heroes with equipment to change their stats.  You can make these items in your forge/workshop.  That’s a great change because previously those buildings were useless and you might demolish them after the initial buildup.

Here are a few screenshots for you. Click the image to see a full size image.

Evony Age II MAP
map th Evony Age II   Evony Beta

Evony Age II City
city th Evony Age II   Evony Beta

Evony Age II Town
town th Evony Age II   Evony Beta

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