Traps, Rolling Logs, Abatis, and Defensive Trebuchets are all one shot items. Sure they may kill one or more troops but then they become useless and you have to build new ones.  They do not last multiple rounds in battle nor do they last between battles. In my opinion Archer Towers are far superior because they can be used over and over.

Even if you win a fight the trap/log/abatis/treb are used up and you have to build new ones!

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Archer Towers are the only defensive item that can be reused. If they are not destroyed in battle you can use them over and over. I only build traps/abatis/logs/trebs for the newbie quest, then demolish them and get my resources back simple smile The best defensive unit in Evony is the Archer Tower Then I can fill their spaces with more archer towers.

I actually laugh when I see someone with 2000 abatis because an abatis is only useful at stopping calvary and cataphracts while 2000 archer towers would be able to shoot ANYTHING attacking their city.

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Archer Towers include archers. You can have more archer towers than you have archers in your town and they will still defend. You can have archer towers with zero archers in town and they will still defend you.

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