You can setup multiple troops to be trained depending on the size of your barracks. If your barracks is level 4 for example you can schedule 4 batches of troops to be trained. If your barracks is level 9 you can queue up 9 batches of troops to be trained. Similarly if you are building defenses on your walls you can schedule multiple batches of defenses to be built. The number of batches you can use on walls is based on the level of the walls.

I feel that it is best to queue up batches of troops in small quantities.  That way you always have new troops becoming available. You might train 300 Archers or 100 ATs at a time. That way every hour you have new troops or new defenses available and you can schedule 4 or 8 or 12 or 24 hours worth of troops to be trained.  This also gives you small boosts in Prestige as each new batch of 100 troops is completed. (Training smaller batches of troops no longer gives a prestige boost.)

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you queue up 10,000 troops to be trained and get attacked. You can’t use any of those troops and it takes hours to complete the building process. Another problem is when you have 10000 archers training and you discover you need to get maybe 10000 scouts instead. You either have to cancel the archers or wait until they finish training.  It’s a lot easier to cancel 100 troops and possibly loose some resources than canceling 10,000.

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You can have more than 1 barracks! I suggest at least 10 barracks per town. As a new player you can usually run 10 barracks and 10 cottages.  More advanced players can sometimes run towns with 14-16 barracks!

I see a lot of new players with only a few barracks.  It is impossible for them to keep up with me if they can only make troops 1/4 as fast as I do.

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At certain levels barracks are more important than others.

Level 1 barracks make workers and warriors.

Level 2 barracks make scouts and pikemen.

Level 3 barracks make swordsmen.

Level 4 barracks make archers. ALL your barracks should be at least level 4 so they can make archers. Archers are the most important troop in the game.

Level 5 barracks are used for making cavalry.

Level 6 barracks are used for creating transporters.

Level 7 barracks are used for making cataphracts.

Level 8 barracks are useless. They make no new troops. So no need to have level 8 barracks unless you’re making level 9 or 10 barracks.

Level 9 barracks are used for making ballistas and battering rams.

Level 10 barracks require a michelangelo script. They can make catapults. Catapults also require a level 10 forge.

I usually make barracks up to level 4, level 6, or level 9.  There is very little advantage in having barracks at levels 5, 7, or 8.

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A good strategy for your first Evony city is to build 10 cottages, 10 barracks, and one of every other structure.  Since you’ll be destroying your warehouse after you build your forge you should be able to build 1 of every building and still have 10 cottages and 10 barracks.

10 cottages allows you to have a good sized population.

10 barracks allows you to train troops faster than the newbies that only have 3 or 4 barracks.

I destroy the warehouse because it is useless unless you have a bunch of them and it is more valuable to have barracks and cottages than a warehouse.  For more information see the advanced guide.

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