Many players don’t realize this but beacon towers actually help in your scouting.

Have you ever wondered why your informatics level is high but sometimes you get bad scouting reports? The reason is because your beacon tower helps in scouting. Both your informatics and your beacon tower need to be equal to the level of the flat you are scouting. If you’re scouting a city it needs to be equal to the level of the walls of the city.

Don’t neglect your beacon tower! I love all the newbies with level 3 beacon towers that build up massive cities but never upgrade their beacon towers. They just don’t realize how important the beacon tower is!

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If you have a beacon tower you will get a flashing combat message when you are being attacked.  Your combat icon will flash red which warns you that an attack is incoming. Click the combat icon and you’ll get a message describing the incoming attack.  Based on your beacon tower level you will get more or less information about the attack. This only works if you are online.  If you are not online then you won’t see the message. You’ll come back from your “job” to check on your cities and find a combat message saying you were plundered. simple smile How to tell if you are being attacked! Hopefully your defenses were strong enough to defend your city!

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The Beacon tower is a useful structure that is often overlooked, especially by new players. The beacon tower helps in your scouting enemy attacks. Currently your beacon tower can even reveal the exact location where your enemy is coming from. (This seems to be bugged and even if you have a low level beacon tower you can find the exact location your enemy is from.) This allows you to find his cities even if he is far away from you. If your beacon tower is level 3 you can also determine how long until their attack reaches you. Because of this you can summon help from your allies (if you have an embassy). You can also scout them back which sometimes is enough to scare them and keep them from attacking you.

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Be very careful when you attack someone with a beacon tower of level 7 or above, especially if they are a long way away from you. They can see how far away you are and how many troops you are sending. They get a timer that tells them how long until your troops arrive. They may recall their troops or send defenses from another town.

It can be a good idea to send a second scouting party just before your main army hits to ensure you don’t find a nasty surprise when your attack lands. That way if you see he suddenly has a lot of defenses you can recall them before they die. Many times I or my allies have sent a big army only to find that the bad guys garrisoned 150k archers from his allies to help protect him.

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