A clever strategy for capturing high level valleys is to allow your enemy to capture a high level valley first. Then you attack it and capture it after he recalls his troops. For example taking a level 10 valley will require 20k troops or more. However if you wait for an enemy to take a level 10 valley then you try to take it from him, you might be able to take it with only 1 troop! You can only do this if you are out of beginner’s protection.

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You cannot scout or fight barbarian towns or other players while you are in Beginner’s Protection.  In order to scout another city (player or barbarian) you will need to end your beginner’s protection.

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Beginners Protection (BP) lasts for 7 days. UNLESS you cancel it.  One way to cancel BP is to build your town hall (TH) to level 5. As soon as your TH is level 5 your beginner protection will end. If you cancel BP then you can attack and be attacked by other players.

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