Its been a busy past couple weeks for Evony! To start with they just made one of the biggest changes I have seen in recent history. When attacking NPC cities there is now the possibility of gear upgrade materials to drop as rewards. Here is the official post on the evony forum:

Evony bbs – “Players will now sometimes see Iron Ore, Wood, Crude Gemstones, Thoroughbreds, and Fabric as rewards for defeating barbarian cities.

materials1 Evony Age 2 Item Drop Rate Change + Evony Crash!

To me this is huge! Until now if you want to upgrade your hero gear past the first few levels you had to sped money.  Now that these items can be obtained its possible to do all of your upgrades without spending a dime. This may take some time but for those of you who don’t want to spend money on the game there is now a way.

I have been doing some testing and it appears that these drop rates are still extremely low. Also there is some concern that these rewards may fall in place of medals thus decreasing the number of medals that drop. I have not been able to confirm this one way or the other.

Please comment below and let me know what your experience has been with this new change.

The next big thing that many of you may have noticed is that Evony was down yesterday! I got several emails asking for my help, lol. Sorry I am not Evony.

Evony posted on facebook last night saying that the issue has been resolved. I don’t know what happened but I do know that it had a lot of people concerned.

So here’s keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly from here on out.

One other fun bit of info. It looks like Atlantis has finally been conquered in the full release of Age 2. Congrats to Hughesy, looks like there may be some trouble to come for him soon though.

Here’s the post:

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Evony is launching a new Age 2 server on June 25th.  This is the third one in less than 30 days.

A new server is always a fun place to start out. No one has had time to amass a huge army. So the playing field is pretty level. Take advantage of this new launch if you are just getting started.

If you are a seasoned player this is a great opportunity for you too. You will be able to run a streamlined build and hit the ground running. When you come out of beginners protection you will already be ready and there will be no one to stand in your way.

Many of you already know much of this, if that’s the case for you take this as a heads up. Hey, there is a new Age 2 server coming online! Enjoy.

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Are you an Evony expert? Can you write? Those are the two questions we are asking our readers.  If you have tips, tricks, strategies, or just useful information about Evony or Evony Age 2 we would love to hear from you! If approved your article will be posted on our blog and you will get the credit. Are you up to the challenge?

Visit our Evony Experts Only page to see the requirements.

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Want to see a clever Evony Age 2 Prestige trick? This trick actually works on age 1 as well.

Click here to learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

This screenshot of the top ranked players on one of the age 2 servers clearly shows at least one player using this strategy:
prestige trick 300x204 Evony Age 2 Prestige Trick

Click on the image above to see.  Notice that the player with over 6 million prestige has 0 honor.  He also only has only  1 city and his population is only 224.

Here is the trick.

Step 1. Build a massive army the traditional way

Step 2. Move all your army to one small city. Preferably a city with Town Hall level 1.

Step 3. Move all your resources into that city, especially food.

Step 4. Have an ally or friend capture all of your cities except for that small city (or you can just abandon them but you might want to get the cities back so having a friend capture them is better so they can help you get them back.)

Step 5. Attack some barbarian cities.

Step 6. Collect huge prestige bonuses!

You see prestige is partially based on your total town hall level.  Let’s say you have 5 cities. You would add  up the town hall levels of all 5 cities.  Then when you do battle the amount of prestige you earn is based on that total town hall level.  In the screenshot above you can see this guy is getting so much prestige because he has basically gotten rid of every city.  He has one tiny level 1 city and a population of only 224 in that city (meaning he has a small town hall because the level of cottages is based on the town hall level of the city.)

Rumor has it that this prestige trick works on both Evony Age 1 and Evony Age 2.

– Ben

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