Since Evony first launched there has been talk among players and countless requests to Evony for the ability to queue building projects. Well that ability is finally here!

Bernini’s Hammer is the first new item to be added to the game since the launch of Age 2. For the Cost 5 game cents per building you can now queue one building per title promotion. So a Civilian can queue 1 building a Night can queue 2 etc.

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Dawnseeker is not really clear in his post on the Evony forum as to whether this allows you to queue multiple upgrades per building or one upgrade for multiple buildings. Either way this proves to offer a great advantage to anyone willing to spend the money.

Quote from Dawnseeker on

“Bernini’s Hammer lets you queue up multiple construction projects to build one after another. This means you can set your Town Hall to begin upgrading right when your Walls finish or set all your Barracks to upgrade to the next level one after another! The possibilities with this item are endless and it’s only 5 Cents per building!”

For people who don’t spend money on the game it means that its time for more amulets via Facebook and more luck at the Wheel!

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