This is one of my favorite times during advancement in Evony. The search for Honor Medals can yield far more than just medals.

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I have found that the best place to find Honor Medals is Level 4 NPC’s. Not only do they drop Honor Medals when attacked but, Lion and Courage Medals as well. So as soon as you reach Barronet you should make attacking level 4 NPC’s part of your daily routine.

honormedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCslionmedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCscouragemedal Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

Level 4 NPC’s contain a lot of resources which will help you build quickly while you are waiting to advance your rank and title.  Specifically they contain 1.6 million food, 120k of each resource, and 300k gold. There is even an advanced strategy for attacking these cities without taking a single loss.

4npcreport Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

Another thing you will get while attacking Level 4’s are a ton of Gems both Flawless and Delicate. You will be able to upgrade your hero gear in Age 2 quickly with an abundance of gems.

flawlessgem Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCsdelicategem Evony Honor Medals and Level 4 NPCs

I suggest upgrading your Rally Spot as much and quickly as you can. This will allow you to send out more attacks and increase your chances of finding an Honor (or other) Medal.

Make a list of every level 4 NPC within 20 miles of you, click on one then click attack. Once you have filled in the numbers for the troops you want to have attack simply go down your list and change the cords for each additional attack. This should save you a ton of time clicking and attacking each individual city.

It takes 8 hours for the resources in an NPC city to regenerate but it only takes 1 hour for troops and defenses to fully recover. To get the full benefit out of each attack space them in 8 hour intervals.

Using this strategy you will find that you are able to jump your title from Baronet all the way to Earl in no time. You will also have more food than you know what to do with. A nice bonus.

Good Luck!

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