Since Evony first launched there has been talk among players and countless requests to Evony for the ability to queue building projects. Well that ability is finally here!

Bernini’s Hammer is the first new item to be added to the game since the launch of Age 2. For the Cost 5 game cents per building you can now queue one building per title promotion. So a Civilian can queue 1 building a Night can queue 2 etc.

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Dawnseeker is not really clear in his post on the Evony forum as to whether this allows you to queue multiple upgrades per building or one upgrade for multiple buildings. Either way this proves to offer a great advantage to anyone willing to spend the money.

Quote from Dawnseeker on

“Bernini’s Hammer lets you queue up multiple construction projects to build one after another. This means you can set your Town Hall to begin upgrading right when your Walls finish or set all your Barracks to upgrade to the next level one after another! The possibilities with this item are endless and it’s only 5 Cents per building!”

For people who don’t spend money on the game it means that its time for more amulets via Facebook and more luck at the Wheel!

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After many months of research and testing our Evony Age 2 Guide updates are done!

The Guide is now over 80 pages long and is jam packed with great tips, tricks, strategies and info for both Age 2 and Age 1.

Whats new?

  • All New Chapter on Age 2
  • Complete Medal Farming Strategy for Fast Advancement
  • New Charts and Cheat Sheets
  • New Easier to Use Layout
  • Over 30 Pages of New Content!

These are just a few of the great new additions to our Evony Advanced Strategies Guide.  We are really excited about these new updates and hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting this together! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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Ok, I have not been able to test this since I have not been colonized lately 😉 I have heard that it works so let me know what you find.

Once you are “colonized” there will be an eight hour suppression period. During this time you can have your allies’ mass troops and you can build up your own army. Once this time is up there will be a fight between the attacker’s troops and your own. If you win you are free and if you lose you become a colony under the attacker, your suzerain.

So obviously you want to win the fight, right? Well if you get your allies to reinforce you, you may take losses but win in the end. I’d rather not take any losses. So here’s the trick: go to your Embassy and you will see where troops are garrisoned in your city. You will see your attacker’s troops. You simply have to dismiss them.

The catch is that if you do this right away and your suppressor notices they will simply reinforce and hope you don’t notice. The key is timing. You have to wait until the last minute so that your suppressor doesn’t have time to reinforce. When suppression ends and the stabilization battle takes place your enemy will have no troops in your city and you will win as a result.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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Evony is launching a new Age 2 server on June 25th.  This is the third one in less than 30 days.

A new server is always a fun place to start out. No one has had time to amass a huge army. So the playing field is pretty level. Take advantage of this new launch if you are just getting started.

If you are a seasoned player this is a great opportunity for you too. You will be able to run a streamlined build and hit the ground running. When you come out of beginners protection you will already be ready and there will be no one to stand in your way.

Many of you already know much of this, if that’s the case for you take this as a heads up. Hey, there is a new Age 2 server coming online! Enjoy.

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Are you an Evony expert? Can you write? Those are the two questions we are asking our readers.  If you have tips, tricks, strategies, or just useful information about Evony or Evony Age 2 we would love to hear from you! If approved your article will be posted on our blog and you will get the credit. Are you up to the challenge?

Visit our Evony Experts Only page to see the requirements.

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Mr Bruce Everis,

Why are you picking on Evony for their free to play business model? (free to play but offer in game items for rl $$$)?

Have you been on Facebook recently? Don’t you realize that’s how most of the facebook developers plan to monetize their games? Just look at Zynga the makers of the facebook games Mobwars, Mafiawars, Farmville, Pirates, and Vampire Wars. Aren’t they all based on the SAME business model you are constantly arguing against? They are all free to play but allow you to purchase credits which can be used to buy in game items. See the screenshot below from MafiaWars on facebook.

mafiawars Bruce Everis, why do you pick on Evony and not Zynga?

Isn’t this the new business model written about by Chris Anderson the editor of WIRED magazine. He writes about a new business model called FREE: the future of a radical price.

So Bruce, why are you picking on Evony? Obviously at this point you are picking on them because you think they are related to Chinese Gold Farmers and they sued you, but WHY did you start this fight in the first place? Why haven’t you complained about the dozens of other companies out there using the SAME BUSINESS MODEL to do online games?

MOST of the big Facebook game companies are using the same business model. You play for free but they constantly try and upsell you on getting more levels or buying stuff for the game using real currency. Isn’t this the same thing you are accusing Evony of doing?  Why aren’t you talking about these companies?

– Ben Fitts

Evony Game Guide

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