Even if you don’t have any “Hero Hunting” items you can still get new heroes. Every few hours new heroes will show up in your inn. I heard someone say every hour and someone else say it takes 3-4 hours.  Even if you don’t have a “hero hunting” item you can simply wait for new heroes to arrive in your inn. Check back with you inn and you’ll see new heroes.

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If you are going to apply a “Hero Hunting” item to find new heroes in your Inn, do not waste it on a small Inn with only 1 or 2 heroes.  The higher the level of your inn the more heroes that will be available.

A level 2 inn will have 2 heroes. A level 4 inn will have 4 heroes.

When you apply hero hunting all the heroes in the inn will be replaced with new heroes. If you do a hero hunting with a level 4 inn you have twice as many chances to find a good hero as an inn that is level 2. (You’ll get 4 new heroes to pick from instead of 2.) If you use a hero hunting with a level 8 inn you have even more chances. You have an opportunity to get 8 new heroes at once.

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