When playing online games there is usually a “tick”. A tick is an internal timer the game developers use to update aspects of the game. It’s called a tick because of the seconds on a clock that “tick” off.

Usually a tick involves resources. In Evony you regenerate resources each second, but there is another tick which updates things like loyalty, barbarian defenses, etc.

For example the rate at which your loyalty goes up or down is based on a tick timer. This is an internal system in the game that runs and updates every player’s loyalty so if they have changed the tax rate every 6 minutes the loyalty will tick down or up by 1 point.

The same tick runs other processes as well. For example we know that barbarian towns defenses are replenished completely in 1 hour. This is based on the same 6 minute tick. Every 6 minutes 10% of the barbarian’s defenses are replaced.

Of course this is NOT based upon WHEN your attack hits. Your attack might hit and then 2 minutes later the tick happens in which case 10% of the defenses would be back. However if you know when the tick will take place you can hit the town repeatedly in that 6 minute window and you know there will be no defenses. This can be very useful in an advanced strategy for conquering high level barbarian towns. You can schedule waves of attacks to land within the 6 minute window that you know the town won’t have any defenses. You can win a fight much faster by simply timing your attacks.

One easy way to determine when the tick will happen… change your tax rate so that your loyalty changes. When your loyalty “ticks” upward or downward that is the tick. Now watch the clock. The next tick won’t take place for 6 more minutes then your loyalty will tick upward or downward again.

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When you advance your rank or title you use up the medals required to reach that level. You’ll need to obtain new medals to advance again.

It is always better to advance your title first since titles allow you to own/control/make more cities.  You can advance your rank after you advance your title.

Since the advancements use up your medals it is even more important to make sure you advance your title first and your rank second.

You also want to avoid using medals on your heroes.  Medals can be used to raise the loyalty of heroes. However you can also use gold to improve the loyalty of heroes.  Since gold is easily replaced and since you cannot buy medals it is best to save your medals for titles and rank advancements.

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Your taxation affects your loyalty.

Your loyalty is a reflection of your current taxation and the amount of townspeople you can have at any time is based on your current loyalty. Your number of townspeople will go up or down based on your loyalty.

Loyalty is basically the opposite of taxation.

If you have 20% taxation you can have 80 Loyalty. (100 – 20 = 80)

If you have 50% taxation you can have 50 Loyalty and therefore your current population will be half (50%) of your total population.

If you have 0% taxation you can have 100 Loyalty and therefore your current population will be 100% of your total population.

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