A lot of people are wondering how to get rose medals.

As I’ve mentioned before rose medals come from low level valleys.  Specifically levels 1-4.  Some people also claim you can sometimes find a rose on levels 5 & 6 valleys.

The general consensus is that levels 2 and level 3 are the best valleys to attack.  They give rose medals more often and their defenses are rather weak.

We’re finding that it takes between 50 and 100 attacks per medal.  You might get lucky and get one within 10 attacks of another but more often than not you might spend an afternoon attacking valleys to find one medal and it might be a cross medal instead of a rose medal!

Here are a few strategies we’ve been using to attack a lot of level 2-3 valleys. Typically attacking 3-5 valleys per city with 6-10 concurrent attacks while we try to get enough medals to promote from Knight to Baronet.

  1. Send 600 archers.  600 archers won’t take any losses so you can continue to take valleys over and over.
  2. Send 2000-3000 scouts.  Scouts are the fastest unit in the game. They are also the weakest. You will take losses but you can continue to attack over and over again very quickly.
  3. Send 600-800 warriors. Warriors are cheap and you can replace them quickly/cheaply.
  4. When attacking over and over again it is best to recall your troops, then abandon the valley.  Some people suggest that you are more likely to get a medal when you conquer a valley.  Other people suggest that you are more likely to get a medal if you attack a valley with full defenses.  When you abandon a valley it will revert to a fully defended valley. The idea is by attacking/abandoning valleys you’ll have better chances than if you simply keep attacking valleys over and over.
  5. If you’re going to log off for the night, don’t abandon the valley.  Hold the low level 2-3 valley over night.  Valleys increase/decrease in rank every day when they are unowned.  Over a period of 10 days a level 1 valley will become a level 10 valley.  If you own it, it won’t go up or down in rank.  That way you can keep ownership of a bunch of level 2 and 3 valleys near you.  Simply keep them when you log off for the day and  abandon them before you start attacking for medals again.

These strategies are just some helpful tips.  People have said all sorts of weird things like attacking swamps works better than attacking other valleys, but so far I have found no truth to these statements.  My last rose medal for example came from a level 2 hill.  I think the medals are so random and so few and far between that it is hard to provide any accurate data on drop rates. I suspect that the drop rate is the same among all valleys.

One popular web site suggests: 50 archers for level 1, 100 for level 2, and 200 for level 3. This site also suggests that the medal drop rate is 2% to 3% which means one medal per 30-50 attacks.

My own personal experience suggests that every 30-50 attacks is optomistic at best especially if you are looking for a specific medal.  You’re just as likely to get some crap medal you can’t use (cross medals for example) instead of the rose medal you really want.

If you have any comments or suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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Rose  medals are needed for the first promotions.  You receive cross medals from attacking low level valleys.  You usually receive cross medals when attacking level 1 through level 4 valleys. Reports from some players say that you can also find rose medals occasionally in mid level valleys level 5-6. (I’m not sure if this is a valid claime or not.)

You need 5 rose medals to promote your title to Knight. You need 10 rose medals to promote your title to Baronet.

You need 5 rose medals to promote your rank to Major.

I KNOW some of you are mad right now because you cannot find Rose medals. It appears to me that Evony has changed the drop rate of medals (at least one new servers). It can take easily take 50 or MORE attacks to find one medal. I do not know why. I do not know if this is a bug or not but I will keep you posted as I get more information.

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Cross medals are needed for the first promotions.  You receive cross medals from attacking low level valleys.  You usually receive cross medals when attacking level 1 through level 4 valleys.

You need 10 cross medals to promote your title to Knight.

You need 5 cross medals to promote your rank to Captain.

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When you advance your rank or title you use up the medals required to reach that level. You’ll need to obtain new medals to advance again.

It is always better to advance your title first since titles allow you to own/control/make more cities.  You can advance your rank after you advance your title.

Since the advancements use up your medals it is even more important to make sure you advance your title first and your rank second.

You also want to avoid using medals on your heroes.  Medals can be used to raise the loyalty of heroes. However you can also use gold to improve the loyalty of heroes.  Since gold is easily replaced and since you cannot buy medals it is best to save your medals for titles and rank advancements.

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