The scout bomb is an effective way to weaken a high level opponent’s defenses.  Scout bombs can destroy all the traps, and devestate the archers defending a city.

So how do you defend against the scout bomb?

There are a few strategies for defending against the scout bomb.

1. Send your army to a nearby flat to avoid being attacked by the scout bomb.  Unfortunately the scout bomb is usually followed by additional waves of armies so sending your troops away might not be a good idea. You could receive further attacks while your army is gone.  Not to mention the scouts will weaken or destroy your defenses.

2. Close your gates. If you’re gates aren’t open your archers won’t fight. The scout bomb will hit the defenses on your wall. They could still weaken your defenses though so this might not be the best strategy.

3. Have a lot of scouts to defend against the scout bomb.

4. Have a lot of fodder (warriors) to defend against the scout bomb.

5. Have stronger troops like swordsman to defend against the scouts. Since swordsman have a high defense you need less total swordsman than scouts to defend against the scout bomb.

6. Get your allies to send your some troops quickly. Of course scouts are very fast but hopefully your allies can send you some army to help you defend before your opponents regular army arrives.

The big problem with the scout bomb is that scouts are faster to train than swordsmen or archers. If you get attacked by large numbers of scouts and defend yourself you may still face additional scout bombs before you can rebuild your defenses.

Again the fact is that the person who can make resources the fastest is usually the person who can build an army the fastest. It’s very hard to keep up with an opponent than can make more troops than you on a daily basis.

Do you have any more strategies for defending against Scout Bombs?

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Have you heard of the scout bomb yet?

Learn the one simple trick that will save you thousands of troops in each attack!

I’m a big fan of scouts. I think they are one of the most underrated troops in all of Evony.

The main reason why I love the scout is that they are the fastest troop in the game.  The scout is also one of the cheaper units to make in the game.  These two reasons combined make the scouts very powerful.

So what is the scout bomb?

The scout bomb is when you send LARGE quantities of scouts to attack your enemy NOT scout him.  True scout bombs are typically 100,000 to 400,000 scouts.  (of course that would mean 4 waves of scouts)

The idea is that the scout is the fastest troop in the game. This means your attack lands faster and gives your opponent less time to react.  Since the scout is the fastest troop in the game they also have an advantage when attacking archers. The archers get less free attacks on the scouts. The scouts quickly close the distance and get close enough to attack the archers with their swords/knives. Large numbers of scouts can actually devestate archer armies.

For this reason many high level players like to use the scout bomb on their opponents.  They time their attacks so that the scout bomb hits and then shortly after an army of traditional troops (archers, warriors, calvary, etc.) hits.  The scout bomb weakens the archer defenses and uses up the one time defenses like traps. Now the regularly army hits and is able to do much more damage and take less casualties.

That’s the scout bomb!

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Many players don’t realize this but beacon towers actually help in your scouting.

Have you ever wondered why your informatics level is high but sometimes you get bad scouting reports? The reason is because your beacon tower helps in scouting. Both your informatics and your beacon tower need to be equal to the level of the flat you are scouting. If you’re scouting a city it needs to be equal to the level of the walls of the city.

Don’t neglect your beacon tower! I love all the newbies with level 3 beacon towers that build up massive cities but never upgrade their beacon towers. They just don’t realize how important the beacon tower is!

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Sometimes when you send out scouts in Evony you get back vague scouting reports.  This is because your informatics level isn’t high enough to see the actual numbers of troops in the region.  Here is a guide to what these results mean.

Few: 1 – 24
Pack: 25 – 49
Lots: 50 – 99
Horde: 100 – 249
Throng: 250 – 499
Swarm: 500 – 999
Zounds: 1,000 – 2499
Legion: 2500 – 4999
Bulk: 5000 – 10000

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To see if the gates are open send in scouts. If they have scouts AND their gates are open they will try to defend. You’ll see in the battle report that you fought a fight to kill off their scouts.  If this happens you know that their gates are open.  If their gates are closed their scouts won’t try and stop you. This method obviously doesn’t work if they don’t have any scouts.

If they don’t have scouts you can send in 1 warrior.  The battle report should tell you whether or not they used just defenses like archer towers and traps or whether or not warriors and archers came out to help fight.

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