Once you have a hero you can use a “Holy Water” to rearrange some of their stats. I believe it’s based on their level so if they are level 4 you can rearrange 4 points. If they are level 10, 10 points. Also the number of Holy Waters required is based on their level.  I’m not sure of the exact breakdown but I think it’s every 5 levels it costs 1 extra holy water. Maybe someone can verify this and leave me a comment?

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Recruit only heroes who have a score of 60+ in at least one stat: Politics (POL), Intelligence (INT) , or Attack  (ATT).  Ideally in the beginning you want to find a hero with high POL to help you build structures faster and gather resources faster.

Theoretically you could recruit your first hero with less than 60 in a stat but you’ll want to “release” him as soon as you find a hero with a 60+ Politics.

You might for example find a hero with a 45-50 in Politics. It’d be better to have a hero with decent politics even if the score isn’t that high. At least you’ll receive a small benefit in building and gathering resources.  After a little while you may find a hero with a 60+ in Politics.  At that time you can release your hero with the lower politics score.

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