Your resource tiles, like your farms, ONLY produce new food if you have extra room to store it.  This can become a problem if you are trying to store an unlimited amount of resources.

In my earlier example where my farms have room to store 1.5 million food, my farms will stop producing new food when I get to 1.6 million food because my farms can only store 1.5 million food.  Even if I’m supposed to be producing 100,000 food an hour my farms won’t produce food because there is no where to store it. Again going back to my point earlier. Why bother having farms? I only need 1 level 9 farm for my research.  I can buy food or loot food from other players.  Somehow the game has a bug where I can loot or buy more food than I can store in my city.  I can also transfer resources between my cities and go over my storage limit.  It seems as if the storage limit only effects whether or not my farms, mills, quarries, and mines produce new resources.

Ok I sort of lied. Your farms will produce food if you are negative. This will help offset the amount of food you are negative. Maybe that was a bad example.  Let’s use another example. When you have say 15 million lumber your lumber mills aren’t producing any more lumber. You may need to either sell off some lumber at the market or build more lumber mills to store the extra!

I really just hate food that is why I used that example! 😉

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When building resources concentrate on lumber first.  Lumber is the most valuable resource. Build 2 lumber mills for every 1 farm, mine, or quarry.

Lumber is valuable both in the beginning of the game and later in the game.  To begin everyone needs lumber to build structures in their city.

Later in the game everyone will need lumber to train soldiers even if they aren’t building structures.

In the beginning stone will be expensive because people will need millions of stone to build walls, town halls, etc.  However as the server gets older stone will drop in price to be the cheapest item.

Iron is ok. It is needed for structures and for troops but it isn’t used as much as lumber so iron price is usually a little lower than lumber.  You can sell lumber to buy iron and get more iron for your money.

Food is usually cheap and I can always sell lumber for less than I pay to buy food.

Lumber is the most important resource!

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