I noticed some new players in my alliance were asking about relief stations.

A relief station is a building which allows your troops to have extra speed when travelling between your cities or your allies cities. They can make travel times infinitely faster when traveling between your own cities or your allies.

This is HUGE. Let’s say you get a battle message saying you’re going to be attacked at one of your farm cities. A farm city typically doesn’t have a lot of defenses so you send reinforcements. You want to make sure your reinforcements get there first. If you had a high level relief station your troops would zoom across, even slow troops like transporters or ballistas.

Transporters are another good reason to have relief stations. Transporters carry a lot of resources but they are slow. If you wanted to send some resources to a member of your alliance it will take forever unless they’re very close to you. However if you have transporters you can cut those delivery times down to much more reasonable amounts.

Later in the game you may want to do things like farm food or lumber or iron for your army. You may be sending a lot of loads of resources from your farm city to your main city. You’ll really love the relief station once you get a level 8 or 9 relief station and your troop get there in just a few minutes instead of an hour.

So new players, don’t neglect the relief station!

PS. YES the bonus stacks on top of your compass or horse back riding. In essence allowing you to move faster than your enemy when reinforcing your own cities!

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At certain levels barracks are more important than others.

Level 1 barracks make workers and warriors.

Level 2 barracks make scouts and pikemen.

Level 3 barracks make swordsmen.

Level 4 barracks make archers. ALL your barracks should be at least level 4 so they can make archers. Archers are the most important troop in the game.

Level 5 barracks are used for making cavalry.

Level 6 barracks are used for creating transporters.

Level 7 barracks are used for making cataphracts.

Level 8 barracks are useless. They make no new troops. So no need to have level 8 barracks unless you’re making level 9 or 10 barracks.

Level 9 barracks are used for making ballistas and battering rams.

Level 10 barracks require a michelangelo script. They can make catapults. Catapults also require a level 10 forge.

I usually make barracks up to level 4, level 6, or level 9.  There is very little advantage in having barracks at levels 5, 7, or 8.

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