You only need a warehouse when building your forge. After you have built your forge you can demolish your warehouse.

When plundering an army takes your resources first and gold second. If you hide your resources in your warehouse they will take your gold instead of your resources. Since 1 gold is usually equivalent to 5 to 10 of any particular resource. On a new server I can buy about 5 lumber for 1 gold.  I can buy about 11 food for 1 gold.  So gold is infinitely more valuable than other resources.  Even on old servers gold is still valuable as you can use it to buy food to feed your giagantic army.

Another reason that building warehouses is dumb is because I can still take your town and get your resources that way if I want too!

For more information on these strategies check out the advanced Evony guide.

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A good strategy for your first Evony city is to build 10 cottages, 10 barracks, and one of every other structure.  Since you’ll be destroying your warehouse after you build your forge you should be able to build 1 of every building and still have 10 cottages and 10 barracks.

10 cottages allows you to have a good sized population.

10 barracks allows you to train troops faster than the newbies that only have 3 or 4 barracks.

I destroy the warehouse because it is useless unless you have a bunch of them and it is more valuable to have barracks and cottages than a warehouse.  For more information see the advanced guide.

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