If you get a notice that your server is going through a merge there are some things you might want to do.

  1. Get in touch with the members of your alliance.  Get their contact information outside the game.  When worlds are merged people may have to change names.  If you have an alliance forum that’s a great starting point.  Your also might want to try and collect as many email addresses as possible. (Your alliance won’t exist at first and you also run the risk after the merger that someone else might start an alliance with the same name!)
  2. Stockpile FOOD and resources.  A lot of people are suggesting that during server merges you don’t login on the first day even if Evony offers you 50 cents to be the first to login.  They’re suggesting that most bugs effect the first people to login and that if you wait 24 or 48 hours you will have less chance of running into problems.
  3. FOOD prices go up drastically in the last few days prior to a merge.  Everyone tries to store enough food to keep their armies alive. You might want to capture a couple level 10 barbs if you can to get access to all their level 10 farms and the food they produce.
  4. Expect the new server to be a cluster f**k.  Everyone gets moved and people have to try and reconnect with their buddies plus the server is packed with more high level players who are all out for blood.  There won’t be as many barbarian towns and you won’t own any valleys.  Competition will be tough.  Stockpile your resources and troops so you can take advantage of other people’s weaknesses.
  5. A little preparedness before the merge will go a long way after the  merge.
  6. Check sites like this one for more info as the merge happens and check the official Evony forums at bbs.evony.com
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Evony Community,

You have been asking for it, we’re bringing you it!

Evony is pleased to announce the 2009 Autumn Campaign, “Call of the Warlord”. This huge event is going to be bringing together all of the best on World Servers 12-17. Due to this, we are bringing all six world servers offline at 00:00(CDT) September 17th 2009 so that we can begin preparing for this epic chapter in the saga of the Evonian lands. After 12 hours, at 12:00(CDT), a new server named WN3 will be online for the campaign to begin!

Don’t worry, you will not lose one penny and instead we’ll be ensuring all players who are involved with this campaign are given specific packages.

And that isn’t even the best part! Check out these extra bonuses!

50 cents FREE to the first 100 players to be activated on the new server!
50 cents FREE to each member of the first 5 alliances to be established with 20+ members on the new server!

That’s a fantastic kickstart bonus for those who want to be at the competitive edge! We’ll be placing the bonus cents to those who are quick within 3 business days of WN3 opening. Don’t wait or you might miss out!

So if you’re on World Servers 12-17, we need you to immediately go to this page:


You will see a landing site for the 2009 Autumn Campaign where you will need to put your login details. After logging in, a very special 2009 Autumn Campaign information pack and announcement will be there waiting for you, explaining all details, providing examples, etc of how this campaign will work.

Again, we’re going to be bringing World Servers 12-17 offline on the 17th of September at 00:00 (CDT) to begin the huge campaign. Please go to the site above and prepare to see who will be answering, the Call of the Warlord!

Best Regards,

Evony Team

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Important update for those of you on “World servers”. Evony is merging these older servers together in a campaign called “Call of the Warlord”. They call these WN1 WN2 and WN3. If you see any threads on the forums with those names in them they are about the world merges.

Old servers W1 – W5 have already been merged.

Servers W6 – W11 are being merged now.

Servers W12 – W17 are next to be merged.

Apparently a lot of things happen. You loose your valleys. Your cities are transported to random locations within the region and your alliances disappear and have to be reformed. IN exchange you’ll get a more active server with a lot of top players. You’ll also get 50 evony cents to help get you started.

I suggest anyone who is on one of these servers spend some time reading the game forums to get more information on this.

Here are some tips from another player that has already been through a World Merge.

the merge of W1-W5 was a bumpy ride for sure…. but now you should see the activity level on the server! WOW!

here is what I would do if I knew that I was going to be forced through another merge
-stockpile a week of food in each city – no exceptions
-create and rank up some accounts on the other servers for the free coins
-find a way to keep in touch with alliance members during and right after the merge and regroup faster (skype, messenger etc.)
-build some twig cities to claim as many adv teleports as possible – npc any you don’t want after the merge
-collect any real life email addys of people you want to keep in touch with… many people will quit over the stress of the move
-do not log in on the first day of new server – let everyone else discover any bugs first without risking your account
-sit back and enjoy watching all the people totally freaking out over the merge (I hated the idea of the merge at first but now the new server and diplomatic dynamics have grown on me)
-be patient if there are any issues with your account transfer, Evony will get to most of them eventually

Good luck everyone! Hang in there, it will only hurt for a little while

Check out the forum at: http://bbs.evony.com to get more information on the world merges.

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