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A title is a nobility ranking.  In medieval times a title meant you were a land owner.  In Evony a title means you can own multiple cities.

In order to own multiple cities you need to advance your title.  To advance your title you win medals in combat, and raise your prestige.

Here are the list of titles in Evony:

  • Civilian
  • Knight (2 cities)
    • Requirements: 20,000 gold, Lieutenant Rank, 1,000 Prestige, 10 Cross medals, 5 Rose medals
  • Baronet (3 cities)
    • Requirements: 40,000 gold, Captain Rank, 2,000 Prestige, 10 Rose medals, 5 Lion medals
  • Baron (4 cities)
    • Requirements: 60,000 gold, Major Rank, 4,000 Prestige, 10 Lion medals, 5 Honor medals
  • Viscount (5 cities)
    • Requirements: 80,000 gold, Colonel Rank, 8,000 Prestige, 10 Honor medals, 5 Courage medals
  • Earl (6 cities)
    • Requirements: 100,000 gold, General Rank, 16,000 Prestige, 10 Courage medals, 5 Wisdom medals
  • Marquis (7 cities)
    • Requirements: 200,000 gold, General Rank, 32,000 Prestige, 10 Wisdom medals, 5 Freedom medals
  • Duke (8 cities)
    • Requirements: 300,000 gold, General Rank, 64,000 Prestige, 10 Freedom medals, 5 Justice medals
  • Furstin (9 cities)
    • Requirements: 400,000 gold, General Rank, 128,000 Prestige, 10 Justice medals, 5 Nation medals
  • Prinzessin (10 cities)
    • Requirements: 500,000 gold, General Rank, 32,000 Prestige, 30 Justice medals, 15 Nation medals

In addition to titles you can also earn military ranks in Evony. To earn titles you also have to earn military ranks. These are a separate ranking system and must be earned separately. In addition any medals you use to promote your title or rank are used up. This means you have to gain more medals to promote further.

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18 Responses to “Titles”

  1. Maxx says:

    the one thing that you should look at doing, that is leting the player to be able to build two thing at once. this would make the game more fun and not so boring. the waite time for something to build is for the birds, it’s just to slow.


  2. louis shane says:

    I would like to see more interactive help. I have no idea how to earn medals. Only when I repulse an attack or scouting mission does the game let me know I have gained HONOR or medal of some kind….I am playing by accident….

  3. kschmandt says:

    You must be referring to interactive help within the game itself, if you look under most of the posts on this blog or within the Evony bbs you will find lots of help. I just did a post on finding Honor Medals and our “Advanced Strategies Guide” has a complete section on medal farming that will take you all the way to Prinzessin in no time. If you have a question feel free to ask here!

  4. Ultra says:

    i am looking for rose and lion medals but cant find any, plese tell me how i can find them

  5. kingkai n1 says:

    i need 1 wisdom and freedom left

  6. Lady Reina says:

    I have had much success hunting for medals by hitting low level valleys with scouts. I attack level 1, 2 and sometimes level 3 valleys and get rose and lion medals. I read that you should attack with 1500 scouts, but as I was higher in prestige I attacked with fewer to make myself more vulnerable. I had the most success with 250 scouts. You have to remain vulnerable, the medals won’t come if you overwhelm a valley with too many troops. Also, I used all of my heroes, no matter their ability and travelled as far as 50 miles away to search. On average, plan on hitting 50 to 75 valleys to ONE medal. Evony makes money on those who give up and buy the packages, they are not going to give them out easily, but it can be done.

  7. kingkai n1 says:

    im on n1 join life kk apply at embassy

  8. Justin says:

    How do you find Michelangelo’s Scripts ??

  9. shadowery says:

    “Justin says:
    September 30, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    How do you find Michelangelo’s Scripts ??”

    You’ll be better off hitting lv4 and up NPCs or if you get lucky, you’ll get one from an amulet, or the amulet might give you enough coins to buy a script.. or just buy one from the shop with real money. lol.

    My only question is, why make medals so hard to get? I think they should’ve made it like this.. VALLEYS: Lv1 valley = .5%, Lv2 valley = 2.5%, Lv3 valley = 5%, Lv4 valley = 15%, Lv5 valley = 30%, Lv6 valley = 45%, Lv7 valley = 60%, Lv8 valley = 75%, Lv9 valley = 90%, Lv10 valley = 100%
    CITIES: Lv1 City = 10%, Lv2 City = 20%, Lv3 City = 30%, Lv4 City = 40%, Lv5 City = 50%, Lv6 City = 60%, Lv7 City = 70%, Lv8 City = 80%, Lv9 City = 90%, Lv10 City = 100%
    PLAYERS: The damn rate that the medals are at right now when farming them in a valley or npc..

    I think that would make it better.. People would spend more time farming npcs than other players for sure. 😛 lol..

    — Shadowery @ SS37.evony.com
    Server: ss37
    Alliance: ErebusII
    Prestige: 701,889
    Honor: 1,243,604
    Rank: General
    Title: Baron
    Ranking: 7,435

  10. Darren says:

    Hi Justin
    You can get them if your lucky by attacking Level 10 valleys or i have sometimes gotten them inside a level 10 npc. They are hard to get.

  11. alexjohnston says:

    Hi Justin
    I have only ever gotten the mickey scripts from hitting LvL 10 NPCs. Im not sure if they can be got in the higher level valleys.

  12. LordCalex ss43 says:

    justin you get off wheel of fourtine and lvl 10 npc’s 4 lvl 10 send 92k arch 2k war,work,scout and trans with hero attc over 150 im happy send ing 170 or higher


  13. LordCalex ss43 says:

    shadowery attack lvl fives 400 trans and bilista

  14. akagod says:

    finding medals is very easy if u r patiend.best way i have found my medals is by having 2 citties next to each other. in one city all your valleys are full in 2nd city 1 slot open. from the city with full valleys u hit the valley and bring resources from the 2nd city u attack within 10 seconds with a scout and a hero to conquer it. then abandon and repeat this as many times as needed to get your medals. plus u can sell the extra resources for food. i attack the valley with 25k arch and 1 pike sword worrier scout and cav. for less losses add a ballista. good luck to all.

  15. shannon says:

    i think to improve you need to be able to bulid two things at once because i have been wait for my food to go out of the red of three days but i have in all my cities my town hall up yo ten i have seven citys and it gets boaring after a while so i just ditch it for facebook !!

    Age 1

  16. Deadpool27 says:

    hia im on na1 age 2 join 3OOBC apply in embassy or mail falcon or Deadpool27 im Duke i got got that rank within 2 days belive it or not :)

  17. ladyelder says:

    those of you with large amounts of honor–in this game honor is not a good thing but a bad thing. Im not sure why, but it doesnt mean ‘honor’ it means ‘dishonor”

    And talk in the forums. Instead of guessing, and wasting time and troops, ask in the forums what’s the best amount for hitting different lvl npcs. and yeah it’s a lot. After a certain point you will also need ballistas, over a hundred, depending on the level npc you
    re aiming for…

  18. Tony R says:

    like i always say , you lost nothing if you ask…

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