At certain levels barracks are more important than others.

Level 1 barracks make workers and warriors.

Level 2 barracks make scouts and pikemen.

Level 3 barracks make swordsmen.

Level 4 barracks make archers. ALL your barracks should be at least level 4 so they can make archers. Archers are the most important troop in the game.

Level 5 barracks are used for making cavalry.

Level 6 barracks are used for creating transporters.

Level 7 barracks are used for making cataphracts.

Level 8 barracks are useless. They make no new troops. So no need to have level 8 barracks unless you’re making level 9 or 10 barracks.

Level 9 barracks are used for making ballistas and battering rams.

Level 10 barracks require a michelangelo script. They can make catapults. Catapults also require a level 10 forge.

I usually make barracks up to level 4, level 6, or level 9.  There is very little advantage in having barracks at levels 5, 7, or 8.

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Upgrade your Barracks but not too much!, 3.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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  1. Colin Urbanowicz says:

    Unit moving speeds, attack, defence, and range would be a nice piece of info. Thanks

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