Once you have a hero you can use a “Holy Water” to rearrange some of their stats. I believe it’s based on their level so if they are level 4 you can rearrange 4 points. If they are level 10, 10 points. Also the number of Holy Waters required is based on their level.  I’m not sure of the exact breakdown but I think it’s every 5 levels it costs 1 extra holy water. Maybe someone can verify this and leave me a comment?

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Use Holy Water to change your hero's statistics, 5.3 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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  1. madduxxx says:

    1 holy water every 10 lvls. Lvl 6 hero would use one, a lvl 13 would use 2, lvl 27 would use 3, etc… I find them pretty useless tho b/c it seems to take most of the points from the attribute that is the highest instead of an even amount across all 3 attributes. For instance I captured a hero the other day that had (pol. 37 att. 85 int. 42), I used two holy waters and I had 11 points to redistribute across the new lvls of (pol. 36 att. 75 int. 42) so I ended up with a hero w/ (pol. 36 att. 86 int. 42). Not even worth the bother if I can’t beef up the one attribute that I got the hero for…

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