You should only recruit heroes with at least one stat of 60 or higher.

The level of the hero is irrelevant. Only the statistics matter. A level 15 hero with a highest stat of 45 is worth less than a level 2 hero with a 62 in one stat.  In fact you pay for heroes based on their level so a low level hero with high stats is preferred.

Politics helps with building your city and gathering resources.

Intelligence helps with spying and research in your academy.

Attack helps with fighting battles and defending your city.

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Why you should only recruit heroes with 60+ stats, 5.4 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

2 Responses to “Why you should only recruit heroes with 60+ stats”

  1. Rob says:


    Level is not at all irrelevant when choosing a hero (though I see what you were trying to say). Level is very relevant. For instance, a level 5 guy with a 60 stat is MUCH better than a level 30 guy with a 60 stat…but even more likely, is a level 5 guy with a 50 higest stat is MUCH BETTER than a level 30 guy with a 60 highest stat, because of his POTENTIAL. The level 5 guy, by the time he reaches level 30, will have a 75 highest stat.

    So when choosing a hero, you need to choose based on their POTENTIAL. Choose the lowest level guys with the higest potential (Lowest level is cheapest).

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  2. ethan says:

    you should being telling them more about base stats since this is a website for helping inexperienced players and, base stats are different from the stats when you first see them

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